Huge Upset 🗣️AND THE NEW!

Witnessed one of the biggest upsets in boxing history last night! Definitely the biggest upsets in the heavyweight division since Mike Tyson was knocked out by Buster Douglas!

Andy Ruiz coming in on 5 weeks notice to fight the 4 belt holder and 1 belt short of the unified Heavyweight Champion of the world Anthony Joshua, in Madison Square Garden, the Mecca of boxing.

Filling in for the suspended Big Baby Miller who failed 3 drug tests one of which was for GW501516. Andy Ruiz was not not supposed to win this fight and came in there and did it…proving anything can happen at any time, shocking the boxing community and maybe the world.

After Ruiz got dropped in the 3rd round, got up off the canvas to drop Joshua twice in the 3rd and then 2 more times in the 7th and after Joshua spitting his mouth piece out on the canvas the referee stopped the fight, making the huge, heavy underdog Andy Ruiz the 1st Mexican Heavyweight Champion of the World!

Congrats to Andy and his Team! Well deserved and much respect :boxing_glove:


It looked like after 3 he was throwing bombs and Joshua couldn’t/ wouldn’t get out of way.

That shot he took behind the ear that dropped him the first time in the 3rd is what got him. His equalibrium was off bad and I don’t believe he ever fully recovered. I don’t believe AJ underestimated Ruiz but I don’t believe he thought he would come out with that kind of speed and firepower.

It’s alot easier to get hit on the chin and recover than it is to get your brain rattled like that.

Hats off to Ruiz and much respect to him and his team. He came not just for a paycheck, he came to win and become Heavyweight Champion of the world!

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So…is Wilder a happy man. Who gets ruiz?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Everyone was talking about the 3 headed monster of the Heavyweight division being; Joshua, Wilder, and Fury…now there’s a new unexpected King of the throne. There was a rematch clause in this contract so these two will probably run it back at the end of the year and if Wilder beats Luis Ortiz again i believe him and Fury will rematch at the end of the year as well and then finally… maybe… those two winners will face fór the unified Heavyweight Division

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