Hurricane Harvey

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I wanted to say that if any of our brothers here at need help or are put out right now because of this disaster.
Contact me @Bigmurph I will take time to do anything to help. Im not sure if anyone can even access the site but if anyone needs help for anything related to this please contact me i want to help.
I have been through multiple hurricanes probably more than anyone else.
I know how hard it can be i remember being without power and underwater for almost 2wks after one. Alot of people don’t understand how hard it really is to get through this with it being 90+ degrees not having any a/c and then the water is a sess pool of disease and its not safe to be in.
I would like to try and organize some type of fund raiser to donate to the red Cross they really do help and don’t abuse the donations they receive i have seen it first hand. I don’t know how to go about this but if anyone knows how we could do this contact me or post here.


i donate regularly to red cross. ,
we got some smoke damage. from a fire. on porch. and they put us up that night i refused for i had money and insurance (renters ins) i cannot stress renters enough. …its honestly. like 200 a year. if that. and they put me up in a pet friendly mariotte sweet for 2 months , full kitchen , lv room. and bd room. …
also my stuff was savable and i still got a 16k check. …but the red cross was trying to give me cloths vouchers ect. ect. …they were there at 3am. …
but i second the notion if a brother or sister here needs help i also will do what i can. so feel free contact me.
i also donate to st josephs. i dont donate much but. i try to donwhat i can.

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