Hurricane irma I will be back after the storm

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I will be mia starting tomorrow. I wanted to let everyone know including staff and members @UGMain @Sponsors if anyone has any problems a couple of staff won’t be able to help. @TrenGod will be available but is a very busy man. Please bare with us and have us in your prayers.
I will get back on asap with pics of what 190mph winds look like.
Let me know now if anyone needs anything.
Thanks Bigmurph


Stay safe muy dude, getting back on track after harvey so i feel for you!

Shit that was horrible also man I wish you the best with recovery I’ve done it.more than once it sucks

Stay safe!
This storm is horrific…

Be safe brother. Take every precaution.

Yeah its not just me either a good amount of our brothers are in Florida I know of 6 for sure
This is the worst hurricane ever for sure I never would have thought that a hurricane would be this big and strong

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I’ve been getting ready still am alot to do.
I appreciate the concern brother
I will be in touch as much as possible if I can I will post pics of the storm

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Be careful bro. I already seen a massive amount of people evacuating and this storm is looking horrible already.

Yeah one of my drivers went out on a trip that would have taken 4hrs normally yesterday and it took 10hrs its bumper to bumper all the way from South Florida to Gainesville its crazy I’ve never seen anything like this and also this is the worst Atlantic hurricane ever its going to be really bad but me and my family are ready there are other brothers here at that are also in Florida

I’m on the road heading up north now. Not sitting here for this monster. Be safe my brothers

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Im glad you got out

Definitely you guys be safe. We do have alot of our family here from those areas. Items can always be replaced but not people.

Its so true I see so many on the news that wont evacuate and in reality the storm surge will be higher than there house there going to die its sad but they don’t want to leave there processions. I’ve started over in life from scratch a couple of times. It sucks but it is better than dying

Be safe!!

Its looking better and better it hit cuba and beat the storm up. So its so much weaker now. Hopefully I might just get a tropical storm.
If it would have taken the path right up the center of fl like they thought it could have been some end of world type shit for almost all of fl.
The new update will be in soon if it keeps moving west I might not even have any problems.
Thank God
It could end up hitting Louisiana and Texas again that would be horrible because if it goes into the gulf of Mexico it will become so strong again because of the warm water.
It went from 200mph + gusts to 125mph max winds thats a huge difference I feel so much better because I won’t lie I was scared. I went through andrew which not to down play other storms like even katrina in Louisiana but andrew was the worst hurricane to ever hit America and this one would have been 50mph stronger winds and almost triple the size.
Thanks cb4ds im hoping that the calm before the storm stays calm not like you opening your dhb or hitting the weights lol
Had to throw some comedy in. If you’re not laughing your crying.

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Laughter is great medicine! We were going to leave last night but couldn’t get out.

It was crazy the turnpike was bumper to bumper from Gainesville all the way down to the fl keys

gods bless.

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