I added turinabol to my HRT. I love this compound!

I added turinabol to my HRT. I love this compound!

I just started turinabol yesterday after being on only HRT of sustanon and deca for 8 months(currently 300mg sustanon and 150mg deca. My version of HRT). OMG , this stuff is good! I haven’t used tbol since 2007. I take 25mg upon waking at 4:30am on an empty stomach because if you eat dietary fat it will bind to some of the steroid wasting it. Tbol has a 16 hour half life and I train around 3pm. Yesterday was my first workout using the tbol. I trained back. I was very strong and my endurance seemed a bit higher than usual so I did an extra exercise. I noticed my elbows felt better than they usually do. They are usually inflamed. Today I trained chest. I never train chest the day after back but I wanted to. I was very strong and my endurance was unreal. I haven’t felt that good in many years. The pump was ridiculous! I could have trained forever but I didn’t want to over train. It’s crazy how well a low dose of an additional compound works after only using HRT for a long time. Have you guys noticed this? I haven’t felt a pump like that in forever really. And what’s most interesting to me is my elbows aren’t inflamed after 12 heavy pressing sets and 4 flies. Has anyone else noticed reduced joint inflammation while using tbol? My inner elbows always gets very swollen like a hard little ball of tissue after every upperbody workout. Today the tissue is soft and reduced in size.


I honestly haven’t noticed the anti inflammation but tbol is definitely my goto oral especially with nandrolone they just work extremely well together why I have no idea but I will say after dr Ziegler introduced dbol and the Russians came back with tbol I believe that they definitely developed the better compound.

Tbol has no aromatase so no water only mass and strength gains are incredible on tbol.

My dose is normally 20mg mourning 20mg pwo

Its not as toxic as alot of other compounds and I don’t get any side effects from it including it not effecting my appetite.

I couldn’t agree more that tbol is an underrated compound and if it hasn’t been tried its definitely a great choice to add to a cycle or HRT.


I heard the East German women in the 60’s Olympic days took very high doses of hundreds of milligrams so 25mg should be very safe. I’m too old to mess with the harsh compounds.

Your effects typical for glucocorticosteroids.
Or it was faked turinabol or it have strong glucocorticoid action(no scientific data).
Try them - for example dexamethasone, prednisolone, methylprednisolone and compare.
True turinabol is very rare.

I was on prednisone for my spine injury.
This is legit turinabol, no doubt.
I definitely have more pliable biceps.
Strength is up.
Endurance is up.
I’m looking bigger and more full.
I’m really having fun with adding the extra compound, I know myself real well. I’ll most likely want to add another fun compound after the turinabol run. My favorite oral, besides winstrol which isn’t doable in my body due to injuries, is anadrol. I love anadrol. I really shouldn’t use it with my past history of insanely high hemoglobin. But, it will be the one that tempts me next. Tren is an obvious choice but it’s just too hardcore for me at my age.


Strength, endurange, pliable biceps are effects of glucocorticoids too. Advanced russian and soviet powerlifters use it.
Your effects so strange for turinabol and even opposite to reality. I nowhere read mentions about that.
And how connected tren’s scope with age? If you have brain, you must use it

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@johnjuanb1… I was 62 when I ran a cycle of tren, it kicked my ass, but I loved it! I won’t do it again tho, lol…
How young are you brother?

I’ve used more Tren than you could imagine.
It’s too much for me.
5 times more androgenic than test.
They used to say any dose of parabolan was too much in a human body. I’m not competing any more so there’s no need to push things that are unhealthy.

I’m 51. I pushed the limits of AAS when I was competing. Up to 6.5 grams per week of AAS, plus many other compounds. I used fina cattle implants non stop for a couple years at doses as high as 1,400mg/wk. I strained my kidneys hard. These days I just want to look good and be strong. I get toxic quickly on the stronger AAS these days due to the abuse of the past.
I do respond to very low doses now. 25mg/Tren Ace 3 times a week did remarkable things for my look two years ago. Unfortunately, I feel toxic in no time.
I feel great now after cleaning out for 9 1/2 months with no AAS. I feel fine using low doses of test and nandrolone, Tbol feels fine thus far.


A little bit more about “feel toxic”, please?

Liver and kidneys can’t filter the toxins so you sleep all the time and feel poisoned.

It’s quite possible I could handle low doses of Tren now but I see no need for my current goals.

Holy crap @johnjuanb1… I don’t blame you for easing off, especially if you’ve got it dialed in where you feel healthy and look good…
Only thing I’ll do is test, but I would like to run some tbol in a cycle… what are your thoughts on injectable dbol…

This feeling was before?
Only tren causes it?

The feeling always manifests quickly, within weeks, if I use harsh orals or harsh injects: dbol, adrol, forget about sdrol or halo, Tren. When I was younger I could abuse things hard. Now it catches up with me.

I used to love injectable dbol. It worked so well. I used to do inject dbol only cycles when I was poor with great results. A favorite cycle of mine when I was poor was to stack inject dbol and inject adrol. They used to cost next to nothing. I looked very full on those compounds,

You need to be careful of the way that you talk to people I don’t allow any bullshit here if you read something that’s great if he feels something that’s great you want to post what you believe to be fact no problem if he wants to post what he believes to be fact no problem but no back and forth bullshit or I will ban you everyone here gets along or I kick you out of the sandbox let me know if you don’t understand ok.

Only warning you will get @Krukeex

I believe that it would be much better for you to start a new topic and share your knowledge with us about corticosteroids and how they work we don’t hear much about them plus do another new topic about what you know about turinabol I am very interested in reading both.



Sorry. I myself don’t want to look like an offensive bastard.
Practice is better than theory, yes? Never used injected corticosteroids, but after 2-3 months may be will get experiment and write post

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I would very much like to hear about your experience brother. I am honestly interested on your opinion about turinabol its my favorite oral to use in a cycle. Im curious about what you have read about it or what you know about it truthfully would like to see a new topic about it if you have a chance.

Thanks for understanding

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Sorry, I was mistaken. Smoked the google.scholar to find explanation.
Turinabol and stanozolol - fibrinolytics. It’s rare property among steroids and it could to cause effects that you named.


I always esteemed turinabol as not economically advantageous. But, today enquired that it may have some unique properties similar to stanozolol.
Need more theory either way.

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