I just received my lab results

I received my result while I was on vacation. I am currently taking 200 mg test cyp per week split on Monday and Thursday, and .5 mg Arimidex on Mondays. These samples were collected on Thursday around 11:00, when I usually take my second dose. I pinned immediately after.

If I’m interpreting everything correctly, I am very happy with these results.

Creatinine - I am assuming this is elevated because I supplement with creatine, but I could be wrong. Either way, I’m not too worried about it.

AST/ALT - These levels were normal before I started TRT. I am assuming it is related to the Arimidex I take on Monday and maybe the low dose aspirin I take every day. From my research, these levels should not be concerning as “mildly elevated” is considered 2-3 times normal range.

Estradiol - This one was surprising. My previous labs showed my level at 42, and that was at 200mg test cyp per week and NO ai. I am not sure why it increased to 57 after I started taking the Arimidex. Regardless, the only side affects I am experiencing at this level is some light acne on my shoulders and back, nothing drastic.

Total Test - This was surprising. I’m not sure why, but I was not expecting a level this high on only 200 mg per week, and definitely not 3 days after a single dose of 100mg. I purposefully scheduled the labs to be taken at the time of my second dose so I could see how low it got during the week before dosing again.

Free Test & SHBG - I don’t have any thoughts on this. It is my first time testing for these. I will be doing more research around how free, total and SHBG correlate with each other and what good levels would be.

Cholesterol - This was a bonus. For the last several years my cholesterol has been creeping up and recently started going out of range on the high side. I was happy to see all my levels in the normal range. I am definitely giving credit to the increased exercise and better diet since the new year.


Creatinine is a indication of well your kidneys are functioning. Everything looks pretty good


Hey. man I am curious what your numbers were before? I am on the same as you and I am about half the total T and my free T is in the 300’s. Is the TRT prescribed or are you going on your own?

I am currently on prescription test from my TRT clinic. My pre-TRT total test was 425. I never had the free tested before I started. I was expecting my total test to come back in the 900-1000 area, so I was surprised by the high number.

Do you pin IM or SubQ?

IM. I alternate delts between Monday and Thursday.

Labs are elevated as a warning sign. This whole, I’m not worried about elevated this or that has to stop, UNLESS you have a direct reason why. (Elevated liver enzymes on oral ASS) this is a lifelong marathon. If somethings elevated without direct cause, changes must be made.

Your creatine intake as a supplement isn’t indicative or the lab value. You need to drink more water. Or your labs were taken immediately after a hard workout. Either way, changes need to be made.

Your liver enzymes should not be elevated from a baby aspirin and adex. Are you drinking alcohol? What is is going on? Either way you need to add in some liver support.

Sure they aren’t lethal high now, but do you think liver failure and kidney failure level of elevation just magically happens? Sometimes acute injury can occur. However, there’s almost always warning signs.

Take your health seriously now, so you stay healthy longer.


Hey @greggonzo1. Welcome to UGM. How about posting an intro telling us a little about yourself.




Brother… you got great test levels.

@NeuroRN gave some sage advice. Beings he’s a healthcare professional with a degree… he has much more than an opinion.

Take it from an old guy…”elevated” levels can be a sign that things are going south. I have had several renal scares. You got to drill down and make sure you’re tracking straight brother. You’re at the age were your health can go either way.

How often are you getting labs?

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Just reread…was this fasted labs?

If so, your glucose is in the (real) high normal range.

I didn’t see a1c… that will be a calculated total of your blood sugar levels over a 2-3 month period. If this test was fasted and with your glucose so high, your a1c might be something to look at next time.

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I have Tudca and Taurine on the way for liver support. As for the creatinine, the next time I have blood work done I will cut out creatine for a while before to see if my levels normalize. The morning of the labs I downed my pre-workout before I remembered I was supposed to be fasted for the glucose test. I’m not sure if that could affect that result at all, although it does have a full dose of creatine in it. In December 2020 I had bloodwork done for my routine physical and my fasted glucose was 92 and my A1C was 5.3%. My doctor never brought up these results with me so I just dismissed everything as fine, but those do seem to be on the higher end and I will keep an eye on it going forward. There is no history of diabetes in my family.


Creatine the supplement doesn’t really have anything to do with creatinine (spelled differently).

Pure fasted is better.

Just be careful brother.

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After getting the results, I started researching what might have caused the elevated creatinine levels and came across a relevant study on PubMed. This is why I thought the two might be connected.

How the use of creatine supplements can elevate serum creatinine in the absence of underlying kidney pathology

I can’t post a link to the study but if you search the title it will come up. It’s a really good read.

“Spillane et al13 demonstrate this in an experiment in which serum creatine and creatinine measurements were taken from healthy volunteers who either consumed creatine ethyl ester, creatine monohydrate or a placebo. It was found that serum creatinine levels approximately tripled after the ingestion of creatine ethyl ester, while serum creatine only marginally increased. The ingestion of creatine monohydrate caused serum creatine to increase significantly and only caused a marginal increase in serum creatinine. These findings suggest that it is highly likely that creatine ethyl ester supplementation provides little to no ergogenic advantage, by serving to only increase levels of the waste product, creatinine, which is then excreted via the kidneys. This explains how the consumption of creatinine ethyl ester can cause substantially elevated serum creatinine in the absence of true renal pathology.”

One of the main reasons I joined up here is because I knew if I was doing something that was ill-advised I would get called out on it. I am learning as I go and welcome all input. Nobody worry about hurting my feelings; call it as you see it.


Not trying to hurt any feelings here. Sometimes we all need objective advice.

Be careful of studies…renal functions can be skewed by many things. Not being argumentative but there’s not many absolutes in this stuff and for every study there’s a counter study.

Lifting heavy the day before labs can show bad renal functions

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Listen to NeuroRN —- as his name eludes he has at least a Bachelor of Health Science/Nursing Science and or Masters - Big Brain Dude.

Questions?? Is this post AAS cycle and are you blasting and now on cruise or is this TRT only?

Do you drink and how much?

Did you eat 17α-Alkylated Orals if you did stack last cycle with oral AAS’s.

Read the string and conclude you are on TRT. Understand all but is that what you want to run your Total T at all the time??? —-TRT generally means forever. And renal and hepatic although not grossly elevated are elevated for what seems to be Test replacement. Attaching renal and hepatic values not from my last cycle as they are pending but 2 cycles ago. Test E/ Deca D/Anavar. This was with 8 weeks of oral steroid use. I’d find a cause and lower these values.

Again I’m no doc and may be full of crap but elevated labs in conjunction with AAS use long term/chronic problems may pop up.

Concur but not so much on the Glomerular filtration side of things although dehydration is the great interpreter……

My advice for elevated labs is simply get a new set as money and or insurance dictates. No need for labs in their entirety either just the elevated ones are the values in question.

One thing that holds true Poppy my friend is liver enzymes that aren’t all that elevated but nonetheless are chronically running high may be a red flag for FLD “fatty liver”.

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You can now post links brother to pubmed and such studies @Tmiken

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