I’m looking for a way to get banned

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Yep my understanding is this is how you dont do things. You’ve been here 2 days. Put in some fuckin effort

jeez laweez papa cheese.
I was just asking a question and I think in a respectable way.

The respectable to address the community would have been to read the rules. These questions go against everything we strive for at UGM, and to top it off this was your first post. “Hey guys fuck off getting to know me can you just help me score some raws?” Welcome to Underground Muscle.


Well sorry I didn’t mean it that way.

It is the wrong way, and at the very least you could have gave a introduction bro we are not a marketplace go search amazon or some shit.

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They were a little rough you should post up an introduction and read around the site we aren’t here to help you find anything. Were here to talk and discuss and help you that way.

Welcome to ugmuscle

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