I need help Anadrol 50

I need help Anadrol 50

Hi guys I need an advice if i take anadrol and don’t eat enough can give me strength and resistance because I do combat sports Muay Thai

Anadrol can be used in a prep situation while on a calorie deficit, as far as strength not so sure about that, but it will keep you looking full during prep

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Anadrol alone is not a good choice as your natural test will be shut down. If you are looking for strength, cardio and quicker recovery Test and EQ would be a good option but if you are competing in combat sports and are subject to PED testing I would stay away from any type of AAS.


excuse my ignorance if you are in calorie deficit with dbol you can gain strenght? endurance?
or water weight?

I mean look I would in no way shape or form run any orals unless I’m on some kind of test, shit will shut you down.
@IronGoat made a good suggestion with test and EQ. And if your really want to run an oral I know some mma guys that use Halo or cheque drops before a fight. But I would steer clear of those drugs, very harsh drugs IMO

EQ is a solid choice along with Test. I’ve ran it during training camp mostly for endurance and recovery but it does add some strength. I’ve also ran Halo but only 5 days prior to a fight when I was cutting for a fight last year and then dropped it immediately following the fight. Winstrol is also a great choice but as they stated above it must be ran alongside Test and for a limited time. If your trying to make weight or keep your weight down I would stay away from Dbol simply bc of the water weight it can add and in my personal experience it can fluctuate from day to day even when I’m on a tight diet.

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So what’s the purpose of using anadrol? You mentioned fighting. I mean if you’re wanting aggression why not look at halo? You deff need to eat especially since you’re a fighter.


i do muay thai
but now I have to start doing MMA fights
I have the base to debut in mma.
I have at home Dbol and Drol
just that there is a problem, I can’t make a calorie surplus I have difficulty eating.
but I train well and a lot
so I wanted to ask you if i take Dbol or Drol i can gain weight or strenght or endurance in deficit?

Well it’s going to depend on diet. Anadrol will help
With weight but it can kill your appetite. Dbol is good but if you don’t eat clean u can add a bunch of water weight. But with you not eating much as is I don’t see that being an issue. Anabolic will increase appetite so maybe this will help in that area. Try shakes if you can’t eat Whole Foods.

Eating takes time to condition your body for it. You have to start small portions and slowly add in another meal or add to your portion. There’s a lot of variables.

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now I’m in deficit
but for example if I start eating in excess when I take dbol I can put weight and strength?

Honestly think you’re going about it wrong. For a fighter dbol and anadrol can cause sever back pumps which is not good for a fighter. I’d steer away from either of those. Just my 2 cents bro.


I’m not sure what your trying to do. Are you trying to move up, down or stay in the same weight class you compete in? You will gain weight and strength both on Dbol but you have to get in the calories. I only have run Dbol in the early weeks of camp when moving up in weight class or when I’m not in training camp and didn’t have a fight scheduled but was looking to move up to a higher weight division. I haven’t ever ran it while cutting weight or in a calorie deficit so I can’t help there. Personally I don’t believe anadrol is the way to go either…I’m only speaking from my personal experiences with these compounds as an active fighter…understand tho everyone responds differently and what works for me may not work the same way for you but I can steer you in the right direction.

My weight is 80 kg and I wanna gain 7/8 kg
but I have difficulty eating
but if I train well I can at least gain strength and resistance? for the fights.

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Try some GHRP 6 man, it really helps with appetite.

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He doesn’t know what dbol and anadrol how’s he going to know what that is?? Best advice right here force the food in man up and eat bro


@PHD is 100% correct bro. No amount or combination of AAS in the world is going to help you with the weight that your talking about without eating. If you want to gain strength or even be successful in any type of combat sport nothing will replace hard work, dedication and desire. If your depending on or counting on PED’s to make you a better or successful fighter you are setting yourself up for failure.


in fact you are right
but how many calories do I need to gain weight and strength with dbol?

many guys including myself use a low does of it a few weeks before a show to bring in fullness and curb appetite when cutting

u can use it, not really the best choice as its mean for the above reason and more so to put on size waiting for a long ester to kick in. also, no test no anadrol. u need a low does of test, 150 mg a week will work. nothing more needed to keep your body balanced.

its so strong ull def maintain, and prob put on alittle bit but ull be angry and cranky due to the caloric demand it brings and i wouldnt use it in your cass as it will hurt your body in many ways temp for a trade off that isnt worth it with your scenario. ive seen much uglier stuff. if you need to use it ( maybe its all u got) u must add test or ur gonna be donkey dick, depression et all all synptoms of no test as ur shut down within a matter of 2 to three days.

for u… EQ or Masteron sounds like the right choice. winny is too toxic for your needs (again, a trade off) and dry your joints out. i know its cheaper and tempting but ur endurance will sky rocket with the top too and u wont need to worry about taking an ai . you will still need a base test no matter what. GET SOME ENDURANCEZ STRENGH AND FORGET THE TOXICITY WITH THE GEAR MENTIONED :slight_smile: ull love it man. again…ull still meed a full pct and a low base of test. go with prop for ur needs so u dont bloat


A lot 4,000+ calories to gain the type of weight your wanting. As far as strength goes your only going to gain strength in two places in the gym training or from within, meaning your work ethic.

You can take all the AAS/PED’s you want to and get big and strong AF but it will not make you a better fighter or replace hard work.

I’m going to say this with all due respect but I feel you are going about all this the wrong way. If you choose to use what you have to use, use it responsibly, eat as much as you can and get your ass in the gym, bust your ass, work on your craft and develop your skill set and I guarantee you the strength and everything else will follow.


Thanks bro😉

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