I need more meats in my freezer

I need more meats in my freezer



Don’t hurt yourself out there @John

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you and Me both


I tried to video it, but i shot it in the ass with a non-lethal blunt tip.

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It was 4 stupid fuckin bears video was to big to let me upload it

What you goin for

And thanks for caring @TrenGod

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Bag em n tag em brother!
Nice “hunting” rifle and x bow, that freezer won’t be empty long… iii%


Nice, well I take it you didn’t put one down, but did you see any?

Yes I saw a few, nothing worth shooting. I live on 300 acres so I’m not in a rush. I am truly blessed in that aspect


That’s sweet, my dad n I lease 300 acres

My dad is gettin to the point with bears that he wants to actually just start killing them, but I don’t think that’s to smart

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Well, if them bears are taking meat off your table, make bear rugs and sausage!!

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its Nice but a pain to maintain and I get eaten alive with taxes!

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Yes but legally I can only kill one a year, so we can take two a year off the property, i assure you that it doesn’t help,every year it gets worse n worse

Yeah I bet the taxes are shitty

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