I need some guidance. New guy

I need some guidance. New guy

What sup!! Fellas. I’m the new guy in town and I wanted to ask What should I take for a beginner? 67’ Tall and 180 pounds. I want to start with a base Test. What are y’all suggestions? EDIT BIGMURPH don’t ask that question here? Nothing crazy to start… Will gather all I can.

Thanks and happy Thanksgiving.

welcome, test only is a good first cycle… also there’s more important things people need to know, in order to help you out, such as, what’s your diet like? What’s your bf? How is your training schedule? What do you want to get out of a cycle? I’m guessing your young?


Welcome to ugmuscle brother

Don’t ask where to find anything its s bannable offense. Take some time to read around the site.
We are not like other forums.

A base cycle of testosterone enanthate or cypionate and an AI and plus a pct. This is exactly what you want for a first cycle


Welcome aboard brotha there’s a wealth of knowledge to be found here and a great group of guys and gals. Just take your time and browse through. If you have any questions or anything click my avatar for contact info :v:

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Welcome to the best place on the internet!

I wish I was young bro. I do have a decent workout and diet… Just want to maximize my performance with some good enhancements.

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Sorry bro. Like I said I’m the new guy in town lol


Test only is always a good place to start.


Welcome brother. Bigmurph hit it on the head, test, AI, and pct for first cycle. Research your ass off before you use aas! Make sure you understand what your putting in your body. Aas will enhance your physique, they do not enhance the experience.

Thank you all. I’m definitely doing some research

welcome bro. do lots of research and ask lots of questions

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Welcome! I’d recommend a test only cycle first. Keep it below 500mg a week. Should be good to go.


Welcome to the board.
Yes, Test E/C cycle only for first time. I would recommend no more than 500 mg per week split in to two injections.
Monday and Thursday.
Get PCT before you start and have AI on hand.
Ask questions if you’re not 100% about something!

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Hey bud, I’ll never try push you away cycling as I know I cycled prematurely but I am 6’0 and when I weighed 180… I was extremely skinny. How is nutrition at the moment?

Edit: I misread that, thought I read 6’7 but it looks like you’re saying 67inches?

67 inches bro.

Welcome figure out a good pct before starting it’s the most important part.

All these guys gave you great advice.
Welcome bro.

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Ah okay bro, thanks for responding. In that case, all of the guys gave you sound advice. Just make sure your nutrition is in check no matter what you run.

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Thank you all for the support and help. This is the dopest site ever. I will let you guys know the results later

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