I put my girl on this protocol

Ligandrol 5mg eod
T3 50mcg ed
Clen 2 days on and 2 days off

What do you guys think?

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My recommendation is to let your girl get introduced to the forum and let her ask some questions…

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T3 is fucking high hope you don’t keep her on it long and hope you know how to reverse her out of it. Women’s bodies are different then ours you have hormones to consider when running gear. Can really mess up a woman bad if you don’t know what your doing or not careful.

Clen is best ran 2 weeks on one off with an eca stack.

I’d be careful using the cardarine alrhought it has potential health benefits the sides aren’t worth it in my opinion.


My old roommate lost her voice listening to her boyfriend lol. Funniest shit ever for awhile. After a few days her voice was very manly and deep. I asked wtf she was taking and her cycle was one like I was running at the time. She changed what I told her to but voice was never the same after lol.


With women you only need a small amount of gear and they will respond without sides. T3 is a drug I’d be very cautious about. You can really mess your body up permantly when messing with your T3 Levels. I don’t even do 50mcg of T3 during prep.


What I am thinking comes in the form of a personalized question. What experience do I have to ‘place’ another individual on what I consider an ‘advanced’ female cutting cycle with several products with limited history in human use.

In my case I have just enough experience and knowledge that I could really cause another individual real harm recommending this cycle even if that individual has personal experience with each of these.

My ‘women’ is my most valuable asset and I personally could never recommend this combination when there are much better options.

@Andrew0409 that is my honest feedback based on the limited information that you provided. If you want to provide more details concerning your experience, her experience/body comp and the actual cycle timing outline you might get a more specific answer to your question.

Be safe… be smart.


I think T3 and clen are recipes for disaster I m assuming she is not pre comp and I still say the same thing the rest of the guys said it very well …


Every study I’ve read has shown thyroid levels bouncing back relatively quickly to baseline. Even within a week after taking exogenous T3/T4. Any permanent damage in my research is from people who already had thyroid issues. Why would it be an issue to cycle it for a few weeks with low dose clen?

you want to risk it? are you 100 % certain there are no thyroid issues?

furthermore, it doesn’t solve the initial problem which isn’t a thyroid problem it is a diet/training problem after you take the pills and lose the ‘weight’ (notice neither of these products discrimate against tissue and muscle tissue is going to be lost) what keeps it from coming back? certainly not doing the same thing as prior … what is her say in all this ? it is after all her body and endocrine system that is going to take the beating


I agree with @KodiakGrrl. The problem will still be there and come back unless controlled. When with proper dieting and cardio she can lose the weight. Its too much risk on her system. We still have no info on her current condition and time frame to lose/tone.

For that matter a psmf diet would drop weight like crazy if done right but you also need to know how to bounce back from that into a sustainable maintenance role.

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Yes, she has had her T3/T4 levels checked. Within normal. Ligandrol is there for anti catabolic effects. I didn’t force her on it if that’s what you’re getting at. Her diets fine, training She works with someone. She’s a professional model so she has her own people for that. And she’s no on here because she’s Italian.

@Andrew0409 we don’t let Italians join? Thats a joke brother. :wink:

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Please if grrl gives you advice take it. She is truly and I don’t mean any disrespect to the other females at ugm but she is the most knowledgeable person for men or women online.
If she told me something which in the past she has you best believe I changed it.
Take her advice brother its worth every penny because she should be charging.


Everyone is welcome at ugmuscle.is
I can understand if there is a language barrier but there are multiple translation apps and programs that work great.
We would be happy to have her around

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I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with some of you on T3/T4 use. Yes, one should be cautious and it is a serious thing to use and abuse can be bad. But in every medical study, thyroid function is very resilient compared to other endocrine functions in terms of negative feedback loop. And it bounces back in every study pretty quickly. Actually I’ve not found one study of a person not returning to baseline levels unless with previous problems.

I’m willing to be wrong, and if I’m wrong I want to know to adjust. But from anecdotal evidence from pretty knowledge people and from medical studies. I’ve only come to the conclusion T3/T4 is relatively “safe” when it comes to anything else we put in. I have to admit I don’t know as much about how to train and drugs for women. But I haven’t seen anything that is different between how men and women’s thyroid functions would differ from exogenous thyroid hormones.

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I can tell you that there is a member here who destroyed there thyroid function and has alot of problems because of it I don’t know if he will share his story.
Its ok to be wrong or right at ugm this is how great ideas are born through intelligent calm and professional conversation like this.

I do have to say that me personally I only use albuterol and eca stack.
Everyone is different but out of everything I am against dnp and t3/t4 unless paid for the way you look and you said she was a model so that fits but there are better options for her to reach the same goals. Just as fast also.

She’s not so much into forums and yeah there would be some language barrier haha. I found females to not be into onlines forums like men for some reason.

you seem to think that it is fine … so what was the point of asking us ?


To start a conversation silly :sunglasses::wink:

Sorry not silly I meant mi amore

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Because I don’t know as much about what women can run. This is what a IFBB women’s competitor recommended I try and had success with herself and people that she helps.

It doesn’t hurt to get more opinions no?

I don’t mean to come off as dismissive of what you or anyone says. I’m just saying the medical evidences I’ve read all point to moderate uses of it to be relatively “safe” in terms of putting hormones. You’ve metioned catabolic effects but I pointed out that ligandrol is there anti catabolic effects.

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