I will soon be starting my first cut cycle

I’m looking for advice for a cut cycle, i’m Interested in mast and primo. What are the general dosages of these, can I stack them, what do y’all use for cutting? Thanks!

I definitely don’t want to do any orals, and side question: Can I still run deca at a therapeutic level while cutting, I’m loving the joint benefits of it

Mast is a great cutting agent. Currently I’m running it during my cut. It will leave you nice and dry and give that grainy look. As far as dosages I introduced Mast to my stack at a low dose of 250 a week. But I will be increasing it to 525mg next week when my cut goes into full swing. The reason I started low was to see the effect it would have on my hairline, but I think GH helped me alot in that department because I noticed zero thinning of hair. As far as primo I never ran it I guess because of cost, but after summer I will give it a go for the first time. Sorry can’t help you with that compound. May I ask what your current stats are and what you are running currently? How do you respond the Tren? Also orals are nice to put a finishing touch before you step on stage or walk on to the beach or whatever it maybe. My current cut stack is 525 Tren, 250 Mast ,increasing to 525, Test P is at 525 but will be dropping it down to 325 when I raise Mast next week, 4iu GH, 10iu slin but removing it next week also. I will also finish off with Winstrol for 4 weeks before I head for vacation. I might also drop Tren last week and throw in Anadrol to really fill out my muscle bellies and give me a nice round look.

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Also with Deca, I think running NPP would be a better option during cut, less water retention in my opinion, but remember everyone is different

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@PHD I’m sure he’s gonna love to talk about “your cut cycle” lol.

There’s no such thing. The type of nutrition you choose and the way you choose to workout is going to dictate whether you are cutting or bulking. You can do either or with just about every compound out there. That said, I’d like to know more about your previous cycles because I’m sure as shit not suggesting something like Tren to someone with minimal experience


That makes sense.

My current cycle is 500 Deca, 500 Test C. I was running about 50 mg Tren daily, for about 3 weeks. I brought that up on the boards and was told that I shouldn’t run tren with deca, being that deca is for bulking and Tren is for cutting. I’m new to all of this, my first cycle for about a year was TRT level test, for about a year. Then Test 400 Mg/week and Deca 300 Mg/week.

Right now I’ve leveled both out at 500 Mg/week. So far, no “Deca D” problems at that level. Ive been on deca and test for 3 months now.

… Not sure where this crap came from about Deca for bulking and Tren for cutting but that’s nonsense.

Anyway, I think you’ll find these to fit the bill. I still do not recommend Tren.


The Mast I would use towards the end to tighten and harden but any combination of the ones above with good amounts of cardio, high reps with moderate weight and a 200 to 500 calorie deficit should help with a decent cut. Keep your carbs high enough for energy, your fats low as you can go and your protein high.

I appreciate that information. Would you be mind advising a dosage plan for that combination?

Just about myself, I’m 35 years old, 6’2”, 215 lbs, about 17% body fat. If you need to know that. And I really do appreciate any help that I can get from you guys on here. I have been doing a ton of research, and I find that there is a huge range of different opinions and advice in what I have researched.

I believe they say Deca for bulking is because you will retain way more water then you would on Tren or even test alone. As far as your experience goes I would keep it simple, I wouldn’t mess with Tren just yet. I think a good beginner cut would be Test and Anavar, I know you say you wanted to stay away from orals but Anavar will be easiest on your lipids and I just a very mild compound all around. Also maybe some Mast towards the end. Remember any cut or bulk begins in the kitchen my friend .


All I can do is give you my opinion based on my own experiences. It’s a crap shoot saying take this dose of this and that dose of that but I can ballpark it and you can give it a go if you want lol.


I would definitely appreciate that. I can always adjust as I go if it does or doesn’t work for me

16 weeks
Test 400mg/wk
EQ 500mg/wk

Last 6 weeks add Mast P at 300mg/week


If you want to run a cut cycle I would recommend close to what everyone else is recommending except I would use different compounds.

No orals so if I said proviron 50mg split that would be a no go?

I would say run an 8wk cycle with a deficit diet.
Strong cardio routine and training.

1-8wk testosterone propionate 400-600mgs a wk
1-8wk masteron propionate 400 a wk with this skip the proviron
1-8wk npp 600mgs a wk

You will need caber and an AI but you might not have to use the AI depending on how much you aromatase because the masteron will make it so your body doesn’t aromatase as much testosterone into estrogen.
The higher dose of NPP is because the phenylpropionate ester is heavy and the actual amount of nandrolone will be less due to the ester weight.
Pct for this cycle is a choice of clomiphene/nolvadex together or just the clomiphene or nolvadex. Its 8wk so you should be able to regain normal function by taking your last injection and waiting a wk and starting pct.


@17% bf would you notice the mast? I usually only see people under 10% running hardeners.

Tren can be used in all cycles. It’s not a cut specific. deca/npp on the other hand is usually for bulk or joint health

Definitely with lower body fat your DHT’s will shine

Yo, not much to add to everyone else’s suggestions… the key is taking it easy so that you maintain control. At this point you could start with new compounds and see what happens but just like food/training/genetics… if you are going to try something new it’s best to see how it reacts before you add to the equation. As members have said, everyone is different, it gets old hearing but it’s the base component to this lifestyle. Knowing yourself and then creating change. Physically and mentally. These compounds can get squirrelly pretty quick. I know I learned how much Tren it takes to throw a toolbox across a parking lot because (insert any insignificant instance) I forgot the keys to my truck. Bottom line. Keep asking questions and feel out what sounds right and then try it. Trial and error is a fickle mistress …and she’s always at the gym.