I won a contest thanks Alpha omega

I won a contest thanks Alpha omega

2 Beautiful bags of HELA or anavar 10mg which I will start running soon.

Thanks so much @MrsAlphaOmega I really appreciate it

Review t ol come


Anavar is one of my fovorites, virtually no water retention and slow but quality gains…


I got Anavar worked into the end of this next cycle alongside some Tren A. I’m getting bloods this week to make sure I’m good so I’ll be starting next week. I feel amazing right now so I’m sure my bloods will come back fine but better safe than sorry


I’m glad you got them… let us know how you much you love it!

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I definitely will thanks so much for your generosity


It’s not my generosity, you earned it by winning the contest with the amazeballs of a gear stash.


You know just a couple of odds and ends I have lying around lol
Thanks again I will be starting them tomorrow

That’s a lot of odds and ends… zombie apocalypse hit… you’re good to go!

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Its honestly everything you saw will be used in my next cycle except for about 6 vials of testosterone enanthate and cypionate everything else will be gone in about 5-6 months

Hmmm… so you’ll be a human pin cushion for a couple of months. :rofl:

I injected 5 ml this morning tomorrow just 4ml
I run for 6 months also

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