If my Log is only 7 and 3/4 can I still post?

If my Log is only 7 and 3/4 can I still post?

This is the start of week 2 for me.
Goal- increase training volume significantly, lose fat/ increase lean muscle mass.

All aerobic training done at AeT or below and fasted. AeT or Aerobic Threshold = the heart rate where the body switches from using fat as fuel to using sugar. Simply- above 140 Beats Per Minute (BPM)I burn sugar or glucose, not fat. As an “endurance” athlete I want to use fat as my primary fuel source during training in order to maximize my body’s ability to utilize fat as fuel. This same concept, stretched a bit, is the foundation of ketosis or the Keto diet. Approaching the problem from both a diet and training perspective allow for quicker adaptations and results. Use more fat and less sugar as fuel.

Gear Church
500mg/wk Test-E weeks 1-10
50mg T-Bol split 25/25 daily
Adex starting this week at 0.5 EOD

PCT= Nolva/Hcg- (I have never used Hcg so I am undecided on how to handle it. Advice is welcome!)

Sunday March 3rd
Aerobic Threshold Test (AeT) 1:00=
136-140 B.P.M

Monday March 4th
A.M. Yoga 1 hr
P.M.- Training cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. I did not have a plan-B and shit the bed on strength training. Every excuse or justification I could muster played on the soundtrack. Got home, sat on my ass and knew instantly I had made the wrong choice. Lesson- always have a plan B or C. I got wrapped up in my head about what I was supposed to be doing for training instead of just doing.

Lesson 2- don’t take everything so serious. Missing 1 day in a week now and again isn’t a big deal unless it becomes a habit. Missing 2-3 days in a week, well now its time to re-do the entire week. Anyhow, I was happy I let it go and got after it early today.

_Tuesday_March 5th
A.M. 1:05 Aerobic Training @ AeT
-20 min Elliptical warm up

  • 0:45 min Stair Master @ BW + 200 floors

P.M. - Sauna/Stretch/Foam Roll 0:45


I like the added notes of encouragements and the detail. Don’t feel obligated to he so thorough but if that’s the way you like to log, Im all for it bro.

Are you going to get bloods? What was your baseline numbers? The Adex is pretty stout, you might find you don’t need .5 EOD. I was using .5 e3d and it kept my e2 right in line with 500mg but I don’t aromatise too harshly unless I just forego an AI completely

I will get blood work done in 3-4 weeks. I did not get baseline numbers. Better to be honest than not.

I have not taken any Adex yet and appreciate the advice. I tend toward overly sensitive to Test and am gyno prone. 500mg/wk is about as high as I can go without high BP and too much weight gain.

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Knowing the Adex you’re taking, I’d go ahead and basically pyramid the Adex up as the Test levels out. Maybe just .5mg 2x a week for the first 2 weeks then go to EOD. It is pretty stout and I’d hate to see you crash your estrogen in the beginning of your cycle.

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Thank you for the advice! I will do just that. I’ve used Geneza exclusively for the last 4-5 cycles and had a pretty good feel for their products. Looking forward to the Gear Church run!

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I honestly never used pharma adex or pharma aromasin. Caber and Letro I use pharma but I haven’t really had an issue with UGL AIs

Wed March 6th

A.M. 120m (350ft+) Easy Ice Climbing + 1 hour aerobic
P.M. 1 hr Yoga

I want to believe I feel the gear working. I honestly feel like my muscles are fuller and my endurance has increased. Is it real or psychological? I will know in 2 weeks.

Good training day. Tired from the volume, not the intensity. Right on track.

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