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Welcome to our IFBB Q&A here at ugmuscle. We are lucky to have Nick Trigill MR USA 2014. Lets get things started. Nick this thread is all yours brother.


I’ll get it started. This is a lame question, but I’ll be jumping on DHB with an anadrol kickstart in a few weeks to Blast after this cruise. Will be my first time running a “bulking” (I know diet decides that) for lack of better words compound.

What’re thoughts on anadrol? Have been trying to soak up feedback. I’ll be running the injectable kind. So if you have feedback on that, even better.

Would love to hear your thoughts of dhb if you’ve ran that as well.

Thanks for doing this bro.

I have a question when you’re training for the MR USA comp. What type of diet were you running a high carb or high fats.
Im really asking do you believe that one has an advantage better than the other building muscle?
Do you respond well to a high carb diet say 600g high?

Did u mean dht?

I will answer these 2 questions tomorrow thoroughly for you

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No I meant dhb (1-test cyp).

Good time for any competitors to get some questions in to Nick @UGMain

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Didn’t you work with John Oregan for USA? He’s one that helped me for North Americans when I placed 4th. Well he helped me the last 4 weeks. Best look I’ve ever had he kept me full and shredded to the bone

honestly I never used 1 - test cyp

anadrol is a great chemical to use sparingly throughout ur cycle to increase your strength and red blood cells. I don’t use it for every workout, I use it on my bigger body parts or the ones I train the longest , like chest , back and legs… arms and shoulders were something that grew easily on me , so I didn’t need to overload the chemicals or food intake on those days . …

as far as DHB , I jus stuck with basic protocols when It came to esters. My go to bulking stack was cyp or Sus, combined with deca, and primo and an oral , either anadorl or dbol. Then of course my HGH and insulin protocols

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I’ve never been a high fat diet type of guy. my body really responds well off of carb cycling. my lowest day would be only about 200- 250. and they would go as high as 1000- 1200. I don’t feel like there is a correct way to diet , just whatever works best for you . Ive never seen anyone get in really crisp shape while doing higher fat diets though.

well , to be completely honest with you guys . I had George Farah for the politics . but I didn’t follow any of his protocol. he is a complete moron to be honest with you . if you heard and saw the shit he told me to do , you guys would laugh. Johnny O has always been there for me . he was always there to bounce things off of . but Phil viz was always my coach since I was young . he was the first one to get me on the stage when I was 17


Thanks for the info brother!!


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I was always curious the level of politics and the “gurus” in the sport.

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HA ! well the level is 10 ! lmfao

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Lol yea george came up to me at North Americans wanting to coach me. Yea the old mad scientist heart of gold do anything for anyone. He deff knows his shit and doesn’t get near enough credit

Johnny o is a very smart guy , he is probably the one of the best, but keeps to himself. unlike all these other guys who are starving for attention . I heard George Farah has cancer now , I don’t think he’s gunna make it much longer

As far as other pros go who do you consider the best you had a chance to train with?

Also how was kais workout?

Yea I he does have cancer sad man hate that for anyone. And yes John is very quiet but when you get to these big shows everyone knows him you’re like damn this dude is very known. I miss seeing that guy even if he can’t see for shit lol

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