Ifbb suspended the npc

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I just read that the IFBB Suspended the NPC due to events that transpired this week at the Olympia.

what did i miss?


There’s the link. I’m wondering how long the suspension will be and exactly what it means

Do you think this is about that Spanish chick that won just because she lost alot of weight when definitely the other girls should have won the comp.
I remember @Kunt posting about it

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There’s alot of talk about the NPC taking bribes and the judges not holding international cards- which means they are not able to judge IFBB comps. There’s also talk of them not allowing IFBB judges to judge the Amateur O

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Hell, it’s evident at our shows who is going to take overall from the Royal treatment given to specific individuals. Boston Lloyd was pissed at the show we did last year. So mad he made a YouTube video about the"political fuckery" of the SCNPC!

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Wow I didn’t know that this was happening. Im going to search out for more information.
Great post

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Keep me posted on what you find!!


I’m hearing it’s more international and had a lot to do with the amature Olympia not using ifbb judges. I don’t think it effects the US and Jim Manion owns the ifbb USA.

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A little something another member gave me from er

From Jack Titone himself. Npc and ifbb pro are going no where.

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I wonder when they release there press release what they are going to say

This site also has all the correspondence between the ifbb and the npc


I’ve been told this won’t effect any shows that are already planned but who knows about the future.

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