I'm gay, and conservative, dating really sucks

Yeah… Well why I bring it up is because for some reason when I try to hook up or start dating again. Some how politics come up. I try not to talk about it. But some how it happens. Then it turns into an awkward moment, or just straight up frustration and annoyance. And well that’s over with pretty quickly. My previous relationship ended a huge part because of this. Which does not help the anger whenever people want to talk politics then somehow twist my words into being some weird alt right extremist.

Simply put, I’m a libertarian. And it’s because when I’ve truely needed help in life, I was able to rely on my neighbor, family, co-workers, and church than any government program. And I’m not religious, but even the church helps, you think the government helps me even though I pay them taxes?

I wouldn’t doubt there are more people like me, but I haven’t found one yet. Mostly venting, but I’m looking forward to the dumb gay puns y’all will come up with.


We don’t discriminate against anyone at ugmuscle gay straight any race or color but purple we don’t allow purple because of barney lol
No one here would say anything about the fact that you are gay. That’s not how the brothers and sisters do at ugmuscle.

I actually think that its best to get it out there I mean it has to be frustrating but better than getting attached and then because of your beliefs being abandoned. If they can’t see past your politics fuck em I shouldn’t be so harsh but im at my end with people judging others when there beliefs or even race is different.

I bet it’s hard but its hard for everybody nowadays I truly believe that covid effected the mind possibly more than the body because it seems like everyone came out of 2020 without common sense or manners in any way shape or form.

I wish you the best brother get yourself out there and don’t give up you will eventually find someone who is on the same page and you will be happy it just takes time.


So true :100::100::100:


Yeah, just sucks sometimes is all. This might be more of a millennial thing than anything else. But I do feel like there is this weird trend that if you are gay, you have to be associated with LGBT which then have to be associated with the democratic ideology… And it’s like, I don’t even believe in any of that, heck I’m even skeptical of the new transgenderism movement, and the “medical science” behind all of it. That’s usually the part that sets people off lol.


You know @bigmurph the same way you say fuck them, they say fuck you/ fuck us,either way it dont change anything, for either side.


And this transgender movement thing is good and all, and I guess you can be who you want to be, but let me catch someone that “LOOKS” like a dude goin into a female bathroom where my wife and daughter go into, and I will go to Jail over it,no fucks given.


For me, my opinions are kinda anicdotal. I’ve met some transgenders that are some pretty normal people, who just happen to be transgender. But lately I’m seeing this new wave, where some say they are transgender, but seem like they are either following a trend, or have deeper mental issues beyond gender identity. I can imagine a lot of trans that just want to live life don’t like this whole spotlight on them right now.

It’s just concerning cause like, I feel people should be looking to fix all the other things wrong with them before they start deciding to chop things off you know?


I will say this @Tack, you saying this,putting things out in the open here, takes a lot, pulling no punches,getting things out there,in my opinion is a good thing.



I could care less about your sexual preference. I would probably opt out of talking to someone because of their far left socialist commie liberal views before anything else.

I worked with a total dbag… he is black. No one liked him. The brothers couldn’t stand to be around him. He accused me of being a racist because I wouldn’t interact with him. I told him straight up I don’t like you because you’re a total dbag… that’s it.


Im saying fuck all racists and people judging people on politics. Its whats destroying the country the fact that together we stand divided we fall apart and that’s what is happening really upsetting smh
Other countries are loving see us this divided


I’ve had similar experiences before, those situations suck especially when you have to work with the guy. I’ve actually had this situation happen twice in the workplace


I’m pretty much nondenominational when comes to folks… my best buddies are all colors and creeds… I don’t think i have any gay friends haha it just never comes up.

In my crowd you’re most likely to get your stones busted for being old. Hahaha


@Tack i was under the impression that there was a gay conservative dating site…


This is so incredibly true I grew up with a girl who was trans from birth always dressed like a boy and on multiple occasions I’ve had to hand someone there ass for hitting her not knowing she wasn’t a man.
That was real transgender to me but just like you said its a trend to be gay or trans by people who just want attention nowadays.
Its really bad because it makes real transgender people look bad when they are as normal as can be and I thought that everything was good now it seems that things have never been good but its never really been good for any of us we all struggle with something but the trend I believe that these people need to be outed by there community.
I know when someone comes to this community and doesn’t act right we show them the door.


I can’t really begin to imagine what it must feel like to be an openly gay man only to be discriminated for what you think politically, for being your own individual, and for not following group think… this seems so opposite and defeating. I’m sorry man. I don’t really know what else to say. I am libertarian, but never catch any hell for it. I agree with @John I’ve got mad respect for anyone just get shits out and says what’s actually going on in their life. So thanks for sharing. I’m sorry I’ve got absolutely no words of wisdom or anything like that.


Seriously, I get more excited talking about my lawn. Which I laid topsoil and re-seeded this year. It’s turning out so nice. Before and after pics


Damn looks like a golf course brother it came out really well

You could install a hole and have a putting green lol


It’s fine I’m feeling better talking about it. That’s good enough for me right now.


Nice lawn brother


Lol, that’s kinda the plan. I want the best lawn in the neighborhood xD

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