Im testy and angry fuck today to

You guys ever just lose your foot in your kids ass, for bein a pain in the ass, or how about mop the floor up with your wife? I need my space sometimes, like a lot of space, away from all people, away from fucking bullshit. I’m tired of everything and everyone. What for breakfast motherfuckers?


Sounds like you need a good hunting trip. Egg whites, spinach, banana peppers, and salmon


Had me a redhead for breakfast


Little Debbie cupcakes, left over pulled pork, smoked beans with bacon and Cole slaw… not until noon though. And yes, I’ve broke my foot off in all three of my daughters asses, one of them even as an adult.


Head up brother life sucks the kidz and the wife are supposed to be the good part.
Eat a cheat meal today maybe you’re just hangry and you might need some carbs.
You can handle today its alot easier than other days in your life.


Well said

I feel ya man, I usually throw on some head phones and go for a LONG walk brotha. Hmu if you wanna shoot the shit man.


Well @Islandswole Saturday I will be hunting warm as hell but fun

I’m over 175 carbs so far

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Thanks everyone

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I’m workin @Raphael3636 but atleast I’m out the house,and am thankful for that part

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I like to fuck shit up lol but I try not to do that today, it’s not always easy being a dad and a husband sometimes I wanna say fuck it. Couple of weeks ago I was all emotional, crying and shit lol I I really like the saying calm seas never made a skilled sailor, we learning brother. But it still feels good to break off in someone’s ass every now and then haha


4 Eggs scrambled with biscuit and gravy. Cran-Grape juice. Music has an effect on my moods. I can put some country on and calm down. I know you’re an Eric Church fan @John. His song Monster calms me. Depending on when I pinned and took my Adex I might get a little choked up and teary eyed.


I am and music helps me to, unfortunately I typically listen to things that probably don’t help the situation, my boss has a mix of shit on right now

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Wow. Two good days in a row bro!!! I have 5 kids. Every single one of them except my disabled daughter (she has real problems but is the sweetest thing on Gods green earth) has had both my feet in their ass many times. Sometimes I’m probably more upset then I need to be. Honestly being on a cycle except for Tren calms me down a lot. Probably cause my natural T is so low.

Space is definitely good when we’re worked up though. Otherwise we say or do stupid shit that’s not necessary. Hope they understand that.

Oh BTW I had honey but Cheerios with almond milk hahahahaha


He said butt


And the difference is what eh! you hoser!!

Ya knob

I typically get more mad then I should, on cycle or not, I’m only running test n mast and I’m not blaming them.


I’m a silver lining kinda guy. I think that what’s important right now is this.

Your exposing your struggle and brining it to the light.
Your accepting help and reaching out.
Your not playing the blame game.
And your owning your shit…

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