Imagine adding this to your trt

Imagine adding this to your trt

This is our TRT or Testosterone replacement therapy category. This category is for all and any related questions about TRT or HRT which Hormone replacement therapy for a man or woman can come with a lot of questions.
We don’t give any medical advice but we can give you friendly advice and our opinions to try and help out but we do always recommend seeing the proper doctor for your situation and to also get a full blood hormone panel. I would suggest or something close unless you are going to do the smart thing and go see your endocrinologist.

I make it easy just click the pictures

So imagine your doctor puts you on 200mg a wk of testosterone cypionate and then after about a year of blood work and seeing how you do you want to get creative. Add in some pharma grade nandrolone deconate at 100mg a wk and I believe that you will make steady solid gains.


Deca-Intabolin 100

I would reccomend of course having caber on hand just in case after awhile your progestin builds up and you don’t want any gyno.So you get a couple packages of caber to have

Cabgolin 0.5 mg

Then you are really anabolic from adding in the pharma grade decca. This will elevate joint pain and help with gains with a proper protien based diet.

The next step would be to run a full cycle but I wouldn’t use pharma grade nandrolone deconate to run a cycle I would do a quick 8wk blast with pharma grade nandrolone phenyprpionate.
Run it at 400 mgs a wk because the pharma grade product will be strong.

Its also expensive but your getting a pharma grade product that is tested for sure made with the highest purity and is coming from
MSD/Organon some of the best pharma grade companies from that side of the world.

If anyone already supplements decca or npp into their TRT I would love to hear about it and the effects


I just saw this post and I asked basically the same thing.

I’m getting the deca from the docs but I won’t be getting 400mg a weeks worth.

I fucking wish.
But I was just curious how dudes were feeling on 200 test/ 100 deca a week.
If that is even enough deca to make a difference in the joints.
I’m sure I can find a vendor to get more but I’m new to this shit

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