Importance of getting Labs done first

I see quite a few posts regarding women’s libido and two things really stick out to me. The first is that almost all the entries are made by men and the second is hardly any mention is made regarding getting labs done.

There are so many factors that affect a woman’s libido, not just lack of a hormone(s). The first step in correcting a low libido is getting labs done, having a comprehensive test done to include everything including liver/kidney functioning, cholesterol, mineral levels (especially magnesium, which is essential part of processing that which is released by the endocrine system) testosterone levels, thyroid, free thyroid, and the big three, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Getting labs done rules out the physical basis for any issues that one might have including but not limited to: issues sleeping, irritability, memory loss, weight gain, weight loss, dry skin, edema, and the important one for the men, low libido.

Once labs have been done and the physiological aspects have been ruled out, it is time to look at other issues. Today’s expectations placed on women are much greater than in the past. Women are expected to work, take care of the household duties, watch the children, take care of her man, etc, etc, etc. Add to this the stress of a difficult job, dislike of a job, feeling over whelmed, wanting to have sex or be physically intimate just doesn’t make it to the top of the list. Not to mention that for women (as has been pointed out) the menstrual cycle also plays a big role in a woman’s libido.

People want to rush in and say “throw some test prop at her” but the issue is that adding testosterone may address a symptom and the physiological aspect but not the emotional aspect. If you haven’t noticed, when it comes to sex, women are emotional creatures, we have to “FEEL” like it. If we don’t feel in tune with our man or our lives are hectic and we are thinking about what we have to do later or in the morning, having sex isn’t going to make it to the list of priorities.

Suggesting that a woman use caber to treat low libido is just downright inexcusable especially without knowledge of labs. Prolactin levels are balanced by progesterone and dopamine. Messing around with caber would/could be disastrous as the cause is usually a tumor.

The real issue here is that we cannot solve “problems” by throwing a substance at it without finding the cause.


I got some great advice from Kodiak girl a couple years ago for my wife. She is now on bhrt with a really good doctor. It was a trip just how many hormones she was tested for before it getting any therapy. A full metabolic panel, complete blood count the usual stuff. But pretty much every other hormone on the quest blood work list was checked. Some things are good others needed help.

She now gets progesterone pregnenolone T3 T4, estradiol, testosterone, and maybe a couple of things I can’t remember.
She’s actually do for pellets next week to get testosterone levels back up.
We waited a little too long this time waiting for it to be convenient to drive to the doctor several hours away.
Her crashed testosterone level combined with some family issues reminding her of being abused as a child put her in a deep depression for a few days.
Some good talks with her sister, and a little bit of my Andro gel have really helped her get back on track.


I am glad I could help. Hormones affect more than libido … they affect mood, emotions, and how you relate to everyone around you. this can have some serious and pretty bad outcomes for families if they don’t know what’s going on. When you go to the doctor and they tell you that you are depressed don’t always accept that answer. Ask for labs. Lots of doctors over look hormones and prescribe anti depressants which don’t work because that is NOT the issue.

When my wife first went to her local general practitioner feeling depressed with the symptoms of menopause that was exactly what the doctor said. I can give you some antidepressants maybe some Paxil or Wellbutrin

Seriously. If I had not discovered eroids and gotten on steroids and subsequently introduced to Kodiak girl I think my wife would have spent the last four years in complete misery

Great post KG. In an indirect way, through Burrr, the information and knowledge you have shared has changed the life of my wife. My wife is full time HRT. I gained insight into the process from Burrr. Before HRT my wife had been on almost every anti-depressant that has ever been formulated with very mixed results. Since HRT my wife is “fit at fifty”. Her hormones are in balance, she is confident, getting stronger, self esteem has improved, a huge increase in libido and she is learning to live again. My recommendation to any husband who has a wife struggling with feeling “well” is to seek out a ND or clinic that specializes in HRT. It is well worth the investment. Your wife and you might just be better off for it.

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that is awesome ! I am so glad to hear it . even the nurse at the gynecologists office questioned my hrt dosages and said ‘well all you need is an anti depressant’ I wasn’t very nice when I replied to her … interestingly my issues were kicked off by the use of an IUD and when I started cycling I was able to get off all of the meds they had me on. It can be an uphilll battle sometimes to get someone to listen but don’t take their word for everything they are busy and only know what the pharma reps tell them about most of the new meds out there. I learned the hard way that sometimes you have to refuse things … you know your own body. you know your own responses, don’t let them bully you into thinking they know everything haha rant over :wink:


@KodiakGrrl late reply but I have been away from UGM for awhile. Man or women hormone replacement is a life saver if it is needed. My wife is just over 50 and is in the best shape of her life. Because of optimal hormone levels every area of her life has seen great improvements. She weighs a buck 20 and is strong as a horse with superior leg strength and abs that would make a bikini model jealous. Thank you again for your and @Burrr help. Happy wife… happy life! :sweat_smile:

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that’s awesome SemperFi !!!

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