Important petition to sign and introduction

Important petition to sign and introduction

Just a short reminder of an important petiton

Sign This Petition
Needs 99,410 signatures by November 25, 2019 to get a response from the White House

Male hormones play a critical role in human health and well being and are essential for every human after reaching the age of puberty; even women require small amounts of this. Due to mistakes that were made in the 1990’s caused by misunderstandings and misconceptions about drugs of abuse, male hormones like testosterone and DHT were misclassified and added to the controlled substances list as schedule 3.

As we age, we lose the capacity to produce these hormones and they slowly decline, resulting in what is usually associated with age-related diseases such as: sexual and physical dysfunction, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, memory loss, insomnia, and depression. This necessitates supplementation of these hormones to prevent these diseases and therefore should be delisted.


I signed yesterday :grin:

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Where is the petition? Is there a site to go too? I didn’t see it posted.

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Welcome I’ll look into it


Welcome to the board and thanks for the heads up.


Honestly its a nice idea but this administration nor the last one doesn’t pay attention to those. Its more a way for people to feel like they did things.

Back in 2013


If you really want to make a difference you need to get a congressman to push a bill and then get others to support it.

A how to video for y’all

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Haha school rock brings great memories from elementry. If only they’d still show this in school

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Welcome to ugmuscle brother

I agree brother with petitions and definitely speaking up whenever you believe in something, i always have loved the saying that closed mouths don’t get fed.
I do also believe that big reforms couldn’t happen anymore in Gov but I was proved extremely wrong when marijuana was legalized in multiple states and then even available for medicinal purposes in basically the rest.
The way this was achieved was by starting at the state level and then keep grinding away pushing new laws into effect and getting arcadic laws shot down then other states can get involved seeing that its a cash cow for the states and then I believe eventually just like marijuana will eventually be removed from the controlled substances act so will some aas compounds and I believe that alot more “illegal compounds” will start to become used more in mainstream medicine especially since everyone seems to be living longer and longer.

The man wants us to all be subservient soy, beta males. Bastards can suck a fat dink. Testosterone and deca for the win! :muscle:

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