In the beginning was the Ban

In the beginning was the Ban

Hello! Apparently, I can’t to send private messages, but want to know - why my post about methyltrienolone was deleted? Free speech, but better to shy away from some themes?

Was flagged for spam. Looked like spam. Read like shit. 1st post with no intro and your trying to talk about 2 sources you would name if people were interested that are not on here. So yeah I deleted that shit.

Quality of information needs to be clear and upfront. That shit read like some 3rd world spam site bullshit.


No one is sending private messages because people abuse them so we don’t allow private messages at ugmuscle.

If you have a problem with your post being deleted that sucks right another with better content and without hidden spam and it won’t get deleted.

Welcome to ugmuscle maybe read around the site before posting so that you can learn the rules and how we are very different from other forums.


Not sources - simply chemical compounds. I especially kept quiet brand even. Simply want to meet another users of this shit and get true.
And it was anti-spam, if you read carefully. Advertise something and to say that it is deadly and harmful?

Is the sponsor your looking for part of our community?

If they aren’t no reason to ask unless you are saying that a outside src is bunk to warn everyone.

OK well its reads wrong. Try to break things apart a little better. Post and intro and let us know if English isn’t your first language cause it didn’t read that way.

@bigmurph I’m guessing he was wanting to discuss or debate the compound for oral tren. Or what he doesn’t like it being called that lol. Was really hard to figure out what he was saying.

In my opinion that’s exactly what it was until the last 2 sentences. Then his email has biz in it I put 2+2 together and there is something not right.

Were flexible though but I will be watching closely

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At “one site” email with @biz giving to anyone who wants for free…

Ok, thanks for understanding. English for me is second language and I never before сommunicated in it.

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