In y’all’s experience, what are the main differences between test e and test c

I’m looking for the difference between these two esters. Which one tends to bloat the least, half lifes, pip, pinning schedule etc.
My only experience is with cyp. My goal is two lose weight/fat. Also, which ester has the better synergistic relationship with anavar.
I’m planning on 200 mg test a week
100 mg deca a week for joint relief
And anavar around 50mg per day, maybe more

There is not enough difference to matter stick with cyp enanthate may have more pip for some. I use cyp either is fine pick your poison

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If or don’t mind pinning ed or eod, in your situation I would go with NPP over deca. Same benefits, less water retention. I’ve never only ran 100mg of it though, so I’m not sure if the water retention is even apparent at that level.
About the two test’s, I use both intermittently, I’ve never noticed a difference, but my doc explained to me a long time ago why cyp is the best. I don’t remember what that reason was, but it is my preference. Not sure if that helps any… Good luck on your journey :muscle:t3:

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Pretty much just the letters


I’ve had more pain with cyp then E. But two different manufacturers. My cyp is from my TRT doc my E from my sponsor. I never had any pip with E. I am not very experienced but I think cyp has a slightly longer half life so levels are slightly more them same. Just what I’ve read.

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It comes down whichever one you you have access too

Cyp requires 20% benzyl benzoate in order to solubilize it. Enanthate does not due to a lower melting point, so the BB is not required. Some people have an adverse reaction to BB, so then Enanthate would be a better option. If you don’t have any reaction… then what John said. Pretty much the letters.

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