Increased muscle soreness on cycle?

Im noticing more DOMs on cycle than off?

First cycle. Following big murphs first cycle guide. Test-E 250mgs every 3.5 days. Been a regular lifter for over 15 years. Just turned 32. Basically since early october id been hitting the gym the hardest i ever have. Many days going twice. When i started this cycle a month ago i was the strongest ive ever been. Not a big dude. Weighed 150 when starting cycle. When i go to sleep now scale is saying 170 (yes i know prob alot of water weight).

Im eating a shit ton more food than i usually do. And yes im killing my muscles at the gym even more than i was. But i just feel like i read so many people saying they noticed shorter recovery times and that they feel like they could lift the muscle literally the next day. When i go to the gym and lift the hell out of my legs… they literally feel like i shouldnt lift them again for about a week. Before my cycle my recovery time was about 2 days maybe 3. Granted i wasnt murdering my muscles like i am now. Does testosterone reset recovery time and you have to go through that initial month of non stop DOMs again before you dont have much soreness after a workout?


I believe you’ve answered your own questions. Hitting the gym extra hard and murdering your muscles. That’ll do it. You’ve turned up the intensity and that’ll happen. Like some others posted on another thread…there’s days that you have to hobble to the parking lot.

Maybe take a deload week doing some hi reps stuff to get joints warm and blood pumped into muscles but nothing over taxing.

Make sure diet is in check get enough sleep and hydrate.

How far are you into your cycle?

Go get it brother


Your intensity sounds way up, AAS helps with recovery but you can still be sore. You sound like your making great progress though


20lbs is a lot of size to put on in one cycle. Slow down brother. This is a lifelong marathon. That’s a LOT of strain on your heart muscle.

You’ve answered your own question as @Poppy stated. You’re training harder than ever. AAS aren’t a magic bullet. If your push your body to new limits on them… lactic acid still builds up and causes soreness. Which is exactly what you’re doing.

A final caution: you’ve just admitted to the most common mistake there is with gear… training, eating, and thinking that being on cycle is some magic time to ramp up everything and be more focused etc. If you only eat big and train hard on cycle… you’re in for a very frustrating ride. Pick a pace that’s manageable for you year round. And stick to it. Consistency is the king.


I agree with what’s been said here already. I noticed that when I cycle I can continue to progress (I mainly powerlift so training scheme may be different) in a linear progression, but after awhile like mentioned the cumulative fatigue sets in and I need a break.

@Poppy gave excellent advice on a deload week. If you’ve been hitting the gym for 15 years than you’ll likely just need a week of lighter weights lower volume to let your body recover to hit it hard the following week.

Excited to see your progress though man


Scale it back and try one work out a day instead of two. A deload as mentioned above should help as well.

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Check this out. Muscle soreness that lasts more than a couple days is a wasted workout. Your getting less gains and more injury.


Got it. Thanks for the tip. Maybe i have been going too hard.


Thanks man. Guess i just got so used to not having DOMs when i wasnt on cycle. This wednesday itll be one month.


You’ll be fine. Just kick out of afterburner brother. Even the most advanced fighter jets don’t stay in afterburner too long…run out of gas! Hahaha


Good read! @Rusty

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I learned that a couple months ago and my gains have been better since I stopped destroying my muscles at the gym


If you want true weight, you shouldn’t be weighing in before bed, you should be weighing when you get up, after goin to bathroom and before you get dressed, just my two cents buddy


Right on

If you’re getting sore it could be from dehydration. How much water do you drink everyday? Water is what your body needs to fuel the recovery process the testosterone also aids in recovery and pushes protien synthesis.

If you drink to much water you can actually wash out your electrolytes.

Try some coconut water without sugar like vita coco or even pedialyte has a hydration drink now this I believe will help you heal faster after your workouts.

If you’re definitely hydrated then possibly overtraining but you have been working out for awhile and you I believe know how to train.
I believe that its hydration

Good luck and good gains brother

Let us know if you have any other questions

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