Individual Safety and the Safety of this Forum

I will be the first to admit I am horrible when it comes to computers and very naive when it comes to technology! I feel like every time @TrenGod post something I learn something new. I recently saw a forum about payment options through our sponsors, which got me thinking… I never thought twice about using Venmo until I saw some information posted and started doing my own digging. With all the technology we have today and how easy it is to access information I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on how we can protect ourselves and this forum! Obviously we don’t want to list or names, locations or pictures of our faces but what tips do you guys have for other naive individuals like me?

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Great discussion. First and foremost the forum is 100% safe and secure. The problem we need to work on, as members, is protecting ourselves as individuals.

From a technical side I cannot offer much help. Using a vpn is one step in protecting what you access online but even that is just the tip of the iceberg. @TrenGod knows way more about this then anyone I personally know but having the shared knowledge does absolutely no good if we, as individuals, do not put it into practice.

Forum posting- We have seen members provide just enough information that anyone with any amount of skill could track them down in a short period of time. Be careful sharing personal information, comments, locations, etc. Its not the single post that will harm you. It is the combination of posts that create a clearer picture that place a member in jeopardy. In short, we are a close community but the reality many of us share way too much personal information for our own good.

Delivery address- Never use your real name or your real address is advisable. Even for domestic deliveries. The passage of the STOP Act and preceding legislation, if enforced, is going to create entire new challenges that many members will have to overcome.

Upon Delivery- Do not open the package for approx. 72 hours. Check package for any tampering. When in doubt take a pic. and send it to the source and ask if this is how it was packaged.

Tracking- Do not check the tracking information. Be patient and wait. After several days of expected delivery if the item has not been received contact the supplier and ask them if the item shows delivered.

International ordering - If you receive a seizure letter ignoring it is the safest course of action. Having ‘something’ mailed to you without your knowledge is not illegal. Taking receipt of ‘something’ is the illegal act. If you receive a package with green tape on it do not open the package and remove it from your personal residence.

Signature Required- Never use the option ‘signature required’ as a delivery method.

Storage- Do not store ‘items’ at your residence.

Gym- Do not discuss ‘supplementation’ with gym buddies.

Personal- Never become complacent. One visit from the wrong entity could make your life more interesting.

Those are just ideas that could be considered.


I just noticed there is a thread for technology and security I should have posted this there. There is a lot of good info there. I wish I read all of it before ever posting anything. This is my first time on a forum, so I’m learning as I go but I definitely wish I read those post first and I have learned from my previous mistakes.

Like magic tech and security category lol

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This is difficult especially for international delivery.
You might have to sign in your state even if you and the sponsor request no signature .
I suggest always giving your mail man or woman a nice Christmas tip for thrre hard work.
Also try to make sure that they know who you are say hello shake there hand.
Its good to have a great relationship with your mail carrier.
If you use a fake name they might not deliver and your pac can be returned to sender. In this situation almost every sponsor or src out there will not reship.
With this new law that is going into effect things will probably be changing soon. Especially after what this idiot in FL just did.

I do agree with everything else that @SemperFi said

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What happened with this? I thought I remembered you posting something about it

The mail bomber

Oh yeah, duh… crazy shit!

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Yeah there are some crazy people out there.

LMFAO. So the last package I sent got some grease on it cause I was eating a breakfast sandwich on my way to the post office. In light of what happened with the mail bomber, I looked at the box, thought to myself “I can totally see the post man thinking this is a suspicious package “ so I drove back home and re boxed it. Too funny