Infared Sauna and Test Bloat

hey guys

I have been reading a lot of articles on the infared sauna sleeping bags

I was listening to Joe Rogan’s pod cast and they swear it does wonders for your cardiovascular health and elongates your life. swedish studies show people who sauna every week live average 5 years longer apparently.

does anyone here use infared sauna regularly and notice less bloat when using 500mgs+ of testosterone and or stacking?


I personally enjoy a sauna or the hot tub. I always thought it was good for sweating out toxins and such. I have read it does no such thing. But I always feel better after so that’s my two cents


Well you can go in a sauna with a hangover and come out feeling great so your sweating out something your body don’t like.


I have always believed that a sauna is amazing and relaxing. Im surprised actually to hear that it doesn’t help you regulate toxins in your body.
I was always sure that’s why I felt so good afterwards.

well sweating is natures form of detoxification, so ill take it!

You can’t detoxify your body. I hear this a lot. Your lungs, liver, kidneys and colon in simple terms act as filters. However if you’re body is toxic you are probably dying. There’s no way to actually “detox”.
You can’t sweat out toxins. The body doesn’t work like that

well, i try to be mindful of alkalizing foods and gut healthy foods in effort to keep my body “less toxic”

The human body doesn’t work like that either. Google healthline and alkaline diet. There’s an article with citations that breaks it down pretty well and debunks it.

I have used healthline a lot when searching for data simply because it is one of
The first things Google pulls up. Be careful what you choose to believe about health line. Also. The body like the earth has the ability to cleanse itself but only to a certain extent.

I feel like I just cleansed something cause the smell of death just came out of my back side.

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Gross!!! It’s that old hamster from back in the day

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Hamster we using guinea pigs

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Same thing

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