Intro 50 YO recovering from injuries

Hey everyone,

I have been reading this forum and find the information and personal stories very useful. I’m a 50 YO at 240 and have a fairly heavy lifting plan. I’m nowhere at my prime but am slowly getting back. I never stopped working out but age and work have taken a big toll. My diet is low carb and at times I drop my carbs low to 20g for a month or two. I’m still fat and working that off slowly with pain and hard work. Injuries include knee surgeries, lower back major dist issues, shoulder problems, and ankle issues. Blood pressure issues at times but normal when on lower carbs. I have loved my weight lifting since I was 12 years old and will never stop. My goal is to get back to full strength at 220 and then cut up. Thank you again everyone for all of your useful information.


Welcome to the board

Welcome aboard! We might have enough for a over 50 dedicated category! I think 25% of a membership is a quorum! :joy:. I don’t think we got all that. Welcome and enjoy!


Welcome brother.

Welcome brother, you can do it.


You have found the right place boss welcome aboard

Thank you everyone.

Welcome to UGM!

welcome brother, love seeing people still pushing at 50+. I had a great friend that still lifts well into his 70’s that has always said “an injury is just forcing you to figure out a more creative way to train” I have taken that advice many times


Welcome aboard


Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around I believe that you definitely still have it in you just got to put one foot in front of the other.
Were all here to help look forward to seeing you in the forums.

Heck yes no retreat and never surrender.


Im guessing you are a veteran brother?

We have a badge for that if you’re I will get you the badge

Yes I’m a crazy old veteran. We never die just slowly fade away.

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I gave you a vet tag you should have an extra category for vets only @UGM-VETERANS and you can hit up all the other veterans

I didn’t welcome you @vetvso so welcome

When did you serve

I was in the Army from 88 - 1996 then NG from 99 - 2003 Activated to active duty on 911. I also served my State Military Division from 2008 - 2018. I would continue to serve part time if I felt I could control my metabolism better. I was a Combat Engineer, MLRS Tech and Intel Analyst. These days I just manage Tech manufacturing.

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