Intro: Hello Everyone

Hi Folks. Good to be here and thanks for providing the forum; it is a good public service in so many ways.
6’ 208#. 53 years old. Male.
Vegetarian. 50g protein x4 daily.
50Mg DHEA x1 daily. 250Mg Creatine x1 daily.

  1. Lean out. My 5-pack got soft and flabby. I would like blame Covid, but it is my own fault. I want to be under 200#.
  2. Bench 4 plates (225) again. I am putting up 155, 12 reps. Only a matter of time.

I love lifting and hate cardio. I go to the gym (the Y) every day.
Banging my hot trophy wife that’s half my age.


Welcome to ugmuscle brother you sound like you’re going to fit right in

This is something to get you started

Welcome! Read the above guidelines and join in. Look forward to seeing you around.


Welcome sir. Another cool guy (advanced age lifter)… we’re every where!!


Are you trt?

You are only as old as you feel. I am feeling up a 29 year old. :grinning:
But seriously, I feel stronger and healthier today than at most other points in my life. Except when I was in the Army (Airborne). Back then I was only 155# and could run 2 miles in <12 minutes. However, I was not physically strong, I just could run like a jack rabbit.
Yay for Old Guys!


Im loving this for you brother go get em


Yes. It is indeed the Fountain of Youth!
x1 mL /weekly

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So you also are pinning only once per week?

Cypionate or enanthate?

Maybe test undecanoate

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It is cyp.
I pin 1/2 mL on Saturday. The other 1/2 mL on Wednesday. My total T is 1417.2 ng/dl. As I understand it the reference rage is 199-1586, so I am on a couple of stand deviations to the higher end but still within specs.


Perfect brother your even on the higher end of the spectrum. I bet you feel great are you hitting the weight and cardio? Curious about how you are doing reaching your goals.
There definitely within reach.

Sorry I saw you hate cardio many here do lol


You got it dialed in brother.

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Welcome aboard!

I force myself to do cardio and yes, I do hate it but it is a necessary evil. I work abs/core for 10 minutes every morning and then 20 minutes of elliptical after lifting.

My plan is to up the T and supplement with A-var. I experienced good results (good cuts) in the past with that . I am using a sponsor right now. I am waiting on my pac to land!

We aren’t allowed to talk about shipping or payment information were not a market place.
Just a heads up


Fasted cardio works great brother I don’t know if you have ever tried it but you will burn more fat first thing in the morning then if you do your workout after you eat. This is the technique im using to cut right now.

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That makes sense. Those calories have to come from somewhere! Burn that stubborn belly fat.

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I’m doing that now…fasted cardio @ 4 effn am… I hate it but my goals dictate it.

@Bigmurph insists on it… boooooo



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Understood. These forums provide (much needed) crowd-sourced oversight mechanisms of the sponsors. HARM reduction is everyone’s responsibility. Again, thank you for providing it.

Now I have to apologize in advance for newb questions: Where is the appropriate place to post a “review” of a sponsor? Is it appropriate to “@” your person in your general posts?

I did read through the suggested rules and posting. I probably just did not see it! Me read grammar gude.

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