UGMuscle this forum..glad to be apart of somthing this forum..glad to be apart of somthing

Hello. My name is joe …ill be 41 nov.1st. Been lifting running or :bike: cycling since 2006. Mostly to lose weight but than i caught the bug. Poor genetics and being a late bloomer (excuses) obesity in my family . well it seem i never could get past a point . well ive had some success lately and just like to stay informed as to what works and what doesn’t .im a big fan of the strength sports. Most people who are lift themselves. Not sure if my intro helps but just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.


Welcome buddy, lots of things to be learned here and thanks for the intro.

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Thank you john!!!

Welcome aboard brotha, if you need anything hit me up!

Sure will. Just got t/a in 3 days from yall. My go to now. Thanks

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Welcome, man. Glad you are here!

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Welcome man curious what cycle are you planning g to run if you don’t mind me asking

Tren test winny …than back to cruise…still learning…but somtimes you got to get youre feet wet

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Short or long ester? Also, how long?

Well…the ace and tne…save the enanthate for a bulk…its hard to know all this for sure but that seems to be what people agree on and 12 weeks tren and last 6 of that 12 winny. Lost 57 pounds on test and lean meats and veggies because its seems to be the consensus that one should get the diet" in check" before relying on :syringe: so im trying to read and read and follow what i think is the best advice … but i want to experience this…


Welcome aboard!!

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Thank u TBU :+1:

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Welcome aboard brother! You are in good hands with the knowledgeable and supportive folks on this board. Wife and I are still new and learning, as well.


Thanks. So much to learn …thanks for the welcome bro.


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Well @Joe315 what people say about running tren for 12 weeks or any set time sure sounds good,however it’s your body that’s gonna decide how long your gonna run that tren, I assume you haven’t tried it yet, and I don’t want to put negative thoughts in your head, but tren is the only thing I don’t plan out except the amount per week, my body and my wife will let me know when I’ve run it long enough, just my two cents on it buddy.


Definitely agree with this and you also need to find d your amount I’m pushing to much atm. Need to lower just a bit. Trens rough there’s a reason it’s so strong be careful. I’m on week 9 now should be done with the tren at 11.

Welcome- you’ll like it here

Test & tren (bread & butter):heart_eyes:

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