Intro to myself newbie here!

Hey I’m Johnny
I’ve been working out for almost 7 years straight didn’t start using the good stuff(gear) until a year ago I don’t have much experience in gear but my training and dieting is good. I train 6 days a week I workout each muscle twice a week.
My body fat is at 10% and I’m bulking at the moment.
I’m 5’5 and I weigh 165 I’m new here and so far I love what I see lol
I’m 21 and yes I’m young but I’m looking to competing soon.


Hello. Welcome aboard. I’d give replies to your emails 24-48 hours. And weekends maybe longer.

Welcome to ugmuscle glad to have you around but no one here can help you with your email issues because were not a market place you joined 16hrs ago and this isn’t a great way to start you are probably confused about what ugmuscle is all about and if you’re looking to participate I look forward to seeing you in the forums.
If you only posted because you didn’t get a response to your email just keep on going were not a market place and we don’t want you around

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Welcome! It is the weekend. There’s good folks here. Lots to learn and read here. Glad to have you.

Thank you @NeuroRN thanks for the welcoming
Anyone know good bulking cycles and workout plans?

Yes I’m a bit confused but I’m trying to get the hang here sorry didn’t mean to come off bad @Bigmurph


Thanks for editing your post

Its alright we’re just not a market place so all our sponsors are just advertising so you need to contact them we talk about bodybuilding lifestyle and diet also training. We also talk about everyday life so welcome brother I look forward to discussing that bulking cycle in another new topic in the steroid cycle discussion category

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Lots of great plans out there. Lots of great cycles.

  1. A large caloric surplus.
    Diet is everything. No amount of gear will fix an improper diet.
  2. Sleep and recovery.
    Same as above.

But as murph said. Start a new thread in a training section and let’s get you on the road to the stage!

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hey brother there is a lot of good brothers here to help you.

Look around with the magnifying glass and look around at other peoples cycles, and i recommend slowly increasing testosterone until you hit a point that the sides become to much than add other anabolics, or growth factors.

Welcome @Johnny

Welcome aboard

Welcome. Use the magnifying :mag: in the corner. There is a large amount of information out there. If there is something you can’t find feel free to ask.


Thank you all!!! :slight_smile:


Welcome big dawg!!:v:


Welcome !. I know you probably hear it all the time but yes you are young . Don’t rush soak up all the great knowledge here first before taking the jump ! Your in the right place best of luck

Thanks I appreciate it a lot! But I’m ready once I go down this road there’s no going back.
I already started a year ago.

Sounds good … you put you don’t have much experience with gear but you ran a cycle already ? Just be safe and get all info first before running certain compounds that’s all I meant .everyone here is all about harm reduction first bro. Not putting you down in any type of way! That’s the best thing about this forum everyone’s here to help . What have you experimented with ?

Update: just seen your first post where you put what you have experimented with !!! :joy:

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