Introduction after a hiatus

What’s up guys! Not new but I haven’t been on in a while and never made much of an introduction. I’ve always been active and in a gym. Wrestler for my school years, military, and adrenaline junky. Not the best Dieter because I can eat anything and barely gain. I take in about 5400 caloriesa day and stay within 185-188 and I’m a short fucker at 5’5". Not highly educated on gear but can get by with out damage. I try not to give advice for now. Just turned 30 and have run 4 strong cycles in 2 years with some cruising and one pct. The cats that got me into in suggested not to and I made the mistake of not reading more until I hade gone through my second cycle. I like long walks on the beach, pussy, and meatloaf.


Mmmmm… meatloaf lol welcome back brother!!

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Welcome back to the board.

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Me too lol

Welcome back to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

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Glad to be back.

Can’t go wrong.

Welcome !

Welcome back bro.

Welcome back brotha, if you ever need anything or have any questions just click my avatar for contact info :v:

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Welcome brother! Glad you are here.

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Welcome brother!

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Welcome aboard man!

At 30 are you TRT? You said cruise so I assumed…?

Good info here and no BS

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There no point in bullshit for me. I just started TRT this year though.

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