Introduction for heavy weight

Hello UG I’m Wayne I’ve been on and off for years had some health issues 3 years ago do to car accident did a complete 360 and back in the gym but lost contact to my old gym friends now moved to new area and working crazy hours I figured this would been a great place to meet sponsors and great people who want alot of the same things and with all these scam artist out there I’m selective who i trust… thanks hope to learn alot from all of you


Welcome to ugmuscle brother


Welcome to the forum

Welcome aboard brotha!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!


Welcome to the family

Thanks brothers

Glad you recovered from it. Do you have any lingering aliments? I got hit by a backhoe 4 years ago and went through a similar situation. Only chronic issue I have is a nerve in the back that wont stay relaxed without diligent maintenance.

Thanks man yes my back and shoulder I couldnt use weight for the longest time had to get injections physical therapy etc. That was back in 2015. Long process but I’m back and ready to see big gains. Have a good day everybody

Welcome to UGM!

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