Introduction / Hey fellas new here

Hey hows the new year comeing up for all of you? Thought i would make an intro to say hi. As well what are your guys thoughts on this cycle im running any inputs are allways good

1cc test cyp 250mg , 1cc EQ 200mg , 1cc test E 300mg

Now on one week i will pin test cyp stacked with EQ next week i will pin test E but on the mid week im also running a cutblend with

50mg Tren A , 50mg Mast Prop , 50mg Test Prop to cut down water weight do to the water retention that the test E has any thoughts to this cycles

Now im also wondering what kind of anti-ester i may need to run while on this cause my nipps are starting to hurt

Now as well my testicules were getting smaller i am running 10iu of 5000iu of livizon hcg everyother day to bounce my testicles back

Any advise to best anti-esters without the odd side effects plz an thank you

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around that’s a very unorthodox cycle where did you get the idea for that cycle?
The cutmix is a great cycle combining all the long esters with it unless running a very long cycle is kinda crazy.

You should already have an ai especially if your nips are hurting you gotta get on top of that problem quickly. Aromasin or letrozole and I would get a bunch of nolvadex also to run through the cycle and right thru pct.

How long do you plan on running?


Go ahead and start pct assuming you have everything you need. Get letrozole to fight estro and gyno. Also, stock up on a ton of nolvadex and raloxifene if you can find it. Very weird cycle man, but if your nips are hurting shits not going good. Get bloods asap.


Welcome to UGM. That seems like a reckless way to plan a cycle man, aas are dangerous if you don’t fully understand the compounds your using. You should start pct and get a blood work up.


I’d study up a bit and plan a better cycle next time. Be sure to have everything you need before starting so you don’t run into the estrogen problems as they can end very badly. Educate yourself on what esters work in conjunction with others instead of just pinning whatever you grab. Just my thoughts. Lots of experience on here so take advantage


I’d get aromasin or letro for sure to take your estro down but if you have sensitive nips then you need to get on nolva now. I’d add clomid to your pct. Look up the perfect pct it will give you a good starting point.

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You need to do a lot of research before you run any cycles of AAS. What you are doing now is wrecklessy injecting potentially harmful compounds into your body.

I’m not quite sure I understand but I think you are running 250 or 300 (alternating weeks) testosterone with 200mg EQ one injection per week. And then in between those also injecting cut blend also once per week.

The cut blend should really be done daily and the other products every 3 or 4 days.

You have no AI or PCT products on hand?

HCG is not an AI

You need to stock up on AI and PCT. Stop what you’re currently doing. Do a lot of research and re assess your goals before you even think about ordering anything else.

I’m gonna assume you will also need to look at your diet and training to make sure those are solid before adding anything to them.


That’s the very best advice you could get my man, I truly don’t want to see you get hurt. When I first started out I was impulsive, uneducated, careless and obnoxious about using gear. I hope you hang around and do some research there’s a ton of great guys here to learn from. Our sponsors are top notch as well. Our biggest thing we stand by as a community is harm reduction. There’s a ton of good accurate info on the forum about using aas.


Hey welcome aboard man, I’ve been doing this shit for almost 15 years and still learn something new everyday. I seen you posted everything you have for your next blast, I hope your not gonna be running all that at the same time some of the AAS you mentioned will completely of sett the other AAS. I’m not one to talk about small doses and shit, I run moderate to high doses of multiple AAS at the same time. But at the same time I listen to my body and bloods are paramount. If you need help putting together a stack of have any questions just hit me up. Click on my avatar and my contact info will be there for you


oh no thats at least 4 to 5 cycles in itself

Just to let everyone know I banned this member we want everyone to ask any questions and please don’t anyone stop but this seems like trolling to me I told him that he can create another account but he needs to read the rules and learn how to communicate better.



Welcome bro this is a great place I’m new here already got some good info and ordered from a great source

I think you mean “sponsor” brotha


Yes sir that’s what I meant to say

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I just read all this not sure how I missed most of it, but I’m in truck driving to family’s house(not driving wife is) thanks @Bigmurph dam trolls and you can’t fix stupid.


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