Introduction, new to forums in general

Introduction, new to forums in general

Hi there guys,

First time on a forum website, but I’m just curious to read and ask advice and different opinions.

I’m 22 years old, 97kg, 178cm. 9%bf

Been training seriously for 8 years but a total of 10 years. Can’t remember the last time in didn’t train 7 days a week. Very interested in being strong when I was younger. Benched 150kg at 17 years old. Double my body weight so a pretty big achievement.

Reason I started to cycle was because I was close to my natural limit. Around 90kg at 11% and stayed that weight for a year and couldn’t bulk up any more. That’s why I started to cycle.

Got 3 cycles under my belt. 1 test only. 1 test and low deca. And 1 low test/tren.

If you got any questions feel free to ask.



First question, how many mg we’re you running in each of those cycles?
Second question, can I borrow some money please.


500mg test for the first one. 700mg test-e 250mg deca for 2nd one (deca cuz I had alot of injuries) and 250 test 250 tren for last cycle


That’s not to bad, less is more, this place is a wealth of info, lots to be learned and shared

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Welcome aboard!





Welcome aboard brotha!


Thanks all

Welcome Bro. If I read your post correctly if your training 7 days a week, it will be pretty hard to get stronger unless your getting adequate rest, nutrition, etc. I know at least for me max is 4 days a week and I train eod. Remember rest is key to recover for new muscle growth and to get stronger wether using gear or not. Just my personal experience.


Yeah. But had some unfortunate accidents and injuries which still interferes with training heavy. That’s the reason my squat and deadlift and garbage compared to my bench. Most of the times I do 1 strength exercise followed with hypertrophy

Like @Cdubb908 mentioned you need proper rest man, you don’t grow in the gym, you grow asleep or at rest


Got 48h rest between every session. And my sleep is good and work is sitting all day. So my rest is not really an issue. At least never had symptoms of overtraining

You train 7 days a week but rest 48 hours between every session? That math doesnt work on my calendar. You mean 48 hours between body parts? You still cant train 7 days a week. You need to rest your CNS and the muscles. If you can train 7 days a week and still stay awake and move you need to step up your program. 3 to 4 days is the most you should be training if you’re trying to gain strength or mass. Maybe some light cardio and stretching on off days. Injuries are even more reason to rest more.

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True. But felt like 6 a 7 days works better then 4 days. Did 8 times a week in the past. I feel like I don’t do enough when Training 4 days

Then train harder/longer when you’re in the gym. You cant build muscle. You can stress it and break it down. Your body builds muscle when you rest.

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