Introduction New to forums

Hey guys I just moved from the uk to New Zealand.

BIGMURPH edit against community guidelines

You probably should post up an introduction and let everyone get to know you. Questions like this usually don’t go over too well here.

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I definitely would do an intro first, change the title to this post, and look through the sponsors page instead.

Look harder.


We have rules against asking were to get compounds.
Were not here to help you find anything and no one will help with that

You should probably read around the site and you will see why were really here

Welcome to ugmuscle

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That’s fuckin hilarious. :rofl:

Sorry guys I’ve just honestly never been on a forum before I’m not 100 percent on what to do at least now I know not to do that’s again and as for my introduction I’m Isaac from New Zealand I joined the group for advice on training and nutrition there’s a lot of interesting stuff on these forums to learn about

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No worries. There’s a ton of info on here. There’s sponsors. Do a little looking. You can find everything your looking for. Plus ask questions. Never a problem.

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Thanks bro

Were glad to have you around brother we hope that you stick around just read the rules and don’t be worried about asking a question here no one here will be an asshole like other forums so whatever you need help with just let us know im happy to help

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Welcome to the board fell kiwi look around ask questions stick with in the rules and best of all learn tonnes of info here and very knowledgeable peps

Good luck

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Welcome to the board

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