Introduction..... not dead yet

45 years old, 6’4”, 350 pounds

Not gonna give a sob story as to how I got to this weight. Bottom line is you don’t find 300 pounders in the nursing homes. I’m here to change my fate at all costs. I wanna lose 100 pounds and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happened.

Training History-
Started lifting in middle school. My Dad owned a gym and I basically lived in for years!
To big boned for bodybuilding so I gravitated towards powerlifting. Had a 1500 pound total while still in high school, naturally, so I’m no stranger to training/clean eating.
Recently I burned through my second marriage and decided to move to a different state to get away and nurse some injuries that have kept me gimped up and ultimately fat. New house has a pool so I’ve been doing aqua fit to get moving again and prevent any further damage to my body while burning some calories.
Bottom line is I’m looking for people on a similar journey as me. If you have any advice of any kind, please lay it on me without hesitation. Thanks for reading!


Welcome to the board

About 10 years ago I went from 300+ down to 187, definitely a hell of a journey! Go get it man!

And welcome!!!


Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

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Damn dude nice work…
Tell me more!lol

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Thanks man

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Diet is gonna be key here.
Cardio plus strength training.

Me personally I would hire a Coach. That’s what I will be doing in the next Month or so.


I agree bro… diet will make ya or brake ya

Welcome aboard

Diet, ate clean and no cheat meals for a year, I set my calories starting at 3k a day and when I stopped losing I dropped it by 500, and kept doing that till I got down to 2k a day.

At first I did light cardio for what I could handle, towards the end the last 25 pounds I had to switch it to HITT cardio before I started losing again.

I did lose strength, that’s for sure, but I maintained a lot through keeping on my weight training schedule.

Kept my meats lean, ate a lot of chicken and tuna, I did do some ensure shakes to make sure I was getting enough vitamins, and I ate small portions every 2 hours.


Welcome I’m younger but has the same thoughts this past year. So far I’m down to 258 from 322 in December


Welcome aboard! Hard work on on levels will be required. food, cardio and weightlifting


Does anyone have an email service provider recommendation?

I use ProtonMail. Almost every sponsor uses it or accepts emails from it.

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What’s the cost ?

It’s free for one email account. If you want 5 it will cost you 10 bucks a month I think. I only need one so it works for me.

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I’m all about that!

Dude that took less than 5 minutes

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Welcome buddy, it’s a great place here, lots of knowledge combined with people that actually want to help, make this place what it is, outfuckingstanding.


Thanks brother. It’s not my first rodeo for sure. Started out on BOP back in like 2013 I think. Met some good dudes for real…
If anyone hears from Hanzo tell em I said FUCK YOU!

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