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Well I was a member on BOP and it was shut down. I was banned from PM board for asking too many questions about a shady sponsor who many members were having the same issue with. They dont like when you openly ask questions about a sponsor who is shady. Was also banned on Anasci because they are both connected. I used to go under the name musclemoose. All ive ever done is give honest opinions on any forum with no bias and i dont agree with being punished for having an opinion that i can back up with facts. i dont just randomly post crap i cant verify just to start shit. but when you take multiple lab tests of a test product (from 3 different batches) and the results keep coming back crappy you can be sure im gonna post about it. In any case im happy to be here. Flash is my go to guy past two years. His products have never failed a test and Ive had multiple products of his tested. As a result i highly trust his products. He was the one that told me to come over here. ive been around for over 20 years and was a rep for ttokkyo labs if anyone ever knew them. and if you do know them then you know ive been in the game a very long time. if there is anything any of you want to ask me about cycling, nutrition, trt, etc… i am happy to discuss and love sharing my knowledge. even with all the information out there most people still do it all wrong. so in any case im excited to be here and lets make this a great board.


Welcome. Nice to have another old man here! Lol

Lol. Ty

Welcome to UGM bro I’m an oldie from BOP too bother

Welcome home man, pleasure to have you here, if you have any questions or concerns just hit me up brotha :v:


Welcome aboard!

Welcome glad to see everyone with so much knowledge coming over with so much to add to the community. Glad to have you!

Welcome- you’ll like it here

Brother welcome to the community where you belong. You won’t have any of those issues here especially since were uncensored but with the right way of going about it and we put members first we love our sponsors and support them because we hold them to the highest standards.

I also really like that right from the beginning you are offering help to others thats what we’re all about.

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

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