Introduction to ugmuscle 2

Age 36, weight 165. New to this site and to this world of workouts, Eat chicken salads and some meats and fish, no grease. Fast quite often. Live in US, and I’m an heavy Equipment operator.


Welcome to ugmuscle brother thanks for posting a introduction. I put it in the right category for you hit me up anytime.

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Welcome to the board.
Great place to be.

Welcome aboard!

Hey Brother I have a question. Have you heard of GSLabs before? Thx

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Unless they are a sponsor here, I wouldn’t recommend it. Plenty of options to choose from, so thread at your own risk.

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Ha ha

Who would be a good sponsor to use and also that ships to the US?

If you click the drop down menu above, and scroll down to “Domestic Sponsors” you can choose from any of those. The couple that come to mind first would be @GearChurch / @Ldog and @paramexer. Any sponsors we have here have been vetted before becoming sponsors so look around and you’ll be fine.


Lots of them, do your research.

I would use @SymBiotecLab I can’t vouche for others since I’ve never used any others from

Welcome aboard brotha!

Welcome- you’ll like it here

Thanks bro!

Welcome aboard.
Some Sponsors I’ve used and I like them all, and I roid test all my gear. Tren I just started from @SRx



Hunter, age 21 weight 187 diet consists of oats chicken and brown rice, and potatoes;) past cycles have been testc deca eq tren e/ anadrol testc trenA



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