Introduction to ugmuscle 3

New guy here, as well! Been reading and researching pretty thoroughly, but still confused based on all of the opinions from each website, as well as here on forums, in dosing, cycles, etc.

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Same here. Reading and reading. But I think I’m soon ready to give test e a try and maybe mix in some tbol just for kicks for a short run towards the end of the test cycle.

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Welcome to ugmuscle. I moved your post into the introduction category so that we can get to know you a bit.
Glad to have you around brother

Glad to have you both on here

Hey @Zezlan I would like to see an introduction from you so that we can get to know you also.
Welcome to ugmuscle @Zezlan

Thank you all for the welcome!

I will be picking brains for new routines, alternative diets, and mild cycles every now and then. Still a newbie, so I will post a thread in proper section for some guidance for myself and wife, due to being confused on so much Google overload.

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Welcome to the board.
Lots of information on here and great people to talk to.

@Bigmurph I had made a post earlier but I don’t mind being friendly! Im 32 Male 6’3" and about 195 lbs. I’ve been fairly serious about lifting for about 4 years, dabbled in SARMS but looking for a bit of an extra edge to get me that last little bit. Diet and exercise took a back stage after my daughter was born but I’m back to proper diet and exercise and have seen good results but want that extra oomph for a wedding in October.

I remember now the rad and another sarm for the upcoming wedding.
Hit me up anytime brother im always here to help

@Bigmurph no problem boss. I contacted gearchurch and I think I’m going to give test e 250 and oral tbol a run right up until the wedding.

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Tbol is a good choice for lean gains and one of my favorites. Gearchurch is a good sponsor.
I believe that if you’re going for a cutter and you stick to a solid diet you will achieve your goals.
Good luck and good gains brother

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