Invitations will be rewarded contest

We are going to have a ongoing invitation rewards program. If members invite non members and they write an introduction post. The member who invites 5 members at a time will win a prize the prize can be multiple things and when the member gets there 5 invites they contact @Bigmurph and we will work out the winnings. They can be whatever the member wants within reason.
Say a member wants testosterone then they will win a couple of vials from a sponsor.
Or say that they want a t-shirt then we will get them a t-shirt.
I hope that everyone is going to participate because its easy to get 5 people who you know online or in real life that want to join a board with verified sponsors that won’t take advantage of them.
All the people invited need to do is write an introduction.

Below are the steps to invite a new member to It’s extremely easy and if anyone has any questions please just contact me. I will help with anything.

Here are the steps to invite new members

Then you will see invite

Then just add there email

Then you can even write a custom message

Then send it off and they will receive an email where they just need to click a link and they are a member.

Just let me know every time you invite 5 members and they just need to write introductions and you will win multiple prizes depending on the time.
Could be vials of testosterone enanthate or another compound could be orals from a verified sponsor. It could even be t-shirts I will usually ask you what you would like. We could even do roidtest single compound kits.

Thanks brothers and sisters I can’t wait to give away free stuff.



This is a pretty cool incentive to get some new members … @members lol. I’d like to add and say that you know the caliber of people we want to add to the community so please give it some thought before you decide joeshmoe from someotherforum deserves an invitation. Thanks for helping UGM grow the board we all know it has the potential to be.


I think this is a super idea… count us in and I will be more than excited with throwing in some goodies for someone and I’m confident a lot of these other amazing sponsors would love to do the same…


Everyone and anyone is welcome at
If they are a problem will deal with that once they are a member


Just want to say congrats on the mod spot brotha you deserve it


Right on man. I like your style lol.


So not one invite yet should I just give up on invites and just go in a different direction.
I know people like free stuff but no one wants to invite anyone?

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@members You don’t necessarily need to use the invite system to invite your buddies or member from other forums. But if you want to enter the promo you’ll want to make sure that whomever you invite includes your name in their intro post so you get credit for them joining. Just PM them where they are or use the invite system from your profile.

I didn’t know the emails of the guys I invited so I just PM’d them directly and invited them to come over here. Easy.

I’d like to help but I have one buddy I lift with and he doesn’t even do Facebook, nothing like that he still has a fucking flipphone, and other then my family I have nobody else

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Well maybe my old src, but I don’t doubt it

All you can do is try

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Your right, but he overcharged the shit out of me, and I don’t like it cause I was dumb enough to pay it…

Who are you talking about???

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A local dude, he isn’t a actual src, he was the “distributor”

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