Iron Junkie Athlete (post fight analysis)

Before getting into the fight and outcome of the match itself. Let me first thank god bc without him none of this would be possible. A big shout out to my sponsor @Iron_Junkie_Labs and I would also like to thank each and every one of you here on UGM who reached out to me here wishing me the best, and more importantly praying for me to have a safe, clean fight, and to come out of it with a victory. I cannot thank all of you here at UGM enough for welcoming me into your world, supporting me, and having my back so again…thank you all very much.

Now to break down the fight to the best of my ability, the way I broke down this fighter.

It’s in the books bro’s and sisters! 10-0 straight! Not to sound cocky but I walked this guy down and beat his ass like he stole something. I wasn’t throwing many shots or letting my hands go early on bc I wanted to see what kind of power he had in the left hand I heard so much about. I took a couple on the glove and one good one one the jaw but for the most part he couldn’t even break my guard. For the rest of the first 3 rounds he danced and ran around the ring, in my opinion he thought he was going to gas me out by having me chase him but my stamina is second to none. The fight was scheduled as an 8 round bout but I trained to go 12, so gassing out is not an option for me nor is it something that’s going to happen. 4th round opened and he decided he was going to start coming to me and that played right into what we gameplaned for. He threw a hard straight left hand that I was able to parry with my right glove and then caught him with a big counter right hook to the body followed by a combination of a devastating right over the top to the dome, (clean and loud shot right on his left ear) as he was bent over from the body shot, and as he went to stand up straight then he got caught with a solid straight left hand, right down the pipe, right on the button, (chin) followed that with a what I believe was an unnecessary right hook as he was already out on his feet. That last hook put him on his ass, but I believe the body shot is what caused the damage and finished the fight. He got up by the count of 6 or 7 but I guess he either couldn’t get his legs back or his eyes were glazed over bc the ref waved off the fight standing in front of him. I knew once I caught him with the hook to the body and he made that noise, all I had to do was connect a solid shot or two and it would be over…
And it was I can’t lie this was probably one of the top 2 or 3 wins I’ve ever had. Being able to come up from flyweight and bantamweight all the way to light Welterweight and be my size and beat a guy his size and talent. He weighed in at 140.8 but came into the ring easily weighing 145 (a full blown Welterweight) I weighed in at 140.4 and came into the ring at 139.5.
I cannot be denied now and I will start getting bigger fights which means bigger $$check$$! Also my plan is to maybe still try to get my walk around weight up to 145 but fight at Super Lightweight at (135). I will be able to cut weight for the fights and official weigh-ins and then hydrate and eat and blossom back up to 140+ for the fights like these big guys do that I’ve been beating as the smaller fighter. I have no doubt I will be unstoppable in that division and I will reign over it as long as I choose to! Thank all of you guys and gals for your support. I never imagined I’d get the support and encouragement I get from you guys which are mostly a bodybuilding and weightlifting community. I have learned so much from all of you and have played a big role in improving my training and my regimen. So thanks again UGM FAMILY!!! So extremely proud of myself! Sorry for the bit of gloating fellas but this has just been a long time coming! :boxing_glove::robot::1st_place_medal:


Pinned for the day.

Congrats bro! Glad to see how it went! Was thinking about it late last night.


Congratulations champion…awesome victory…and many, many more to come. God bless you and your family as well


I wanted to actually KO him to where he couldn’t get up off the canvas at all just for you guys but he was a tough competitor and did have a hell of a chin…did get the knockout tho just not in the fashion I was hoping for. Glad I was in your thoughts tho brother @TrenGod

Congrats :boxing_glove::slightly_smiling_face:


WOOOOOOO!! Outfuckingstanding brother!!!

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To wake up to this has already made it a great day congrats brother.
He might have not been a plank but definitely a win is a win. I want to train again in a boxing gym you have been bringing back great memories for me of when I boxed and I wasn’t even good I just enjoy throwing my hands with another man win or lose.

Congrats to @N8GainTrain our champion at UGM


I would still love a YouTube link or any link to watch the fight sent in pm


Awesome brother!! Very nice work.


championi championi holay holay holay well done sir ,thank you lord for your protection


Thats just music to my ears brother! We couldn’t be more stoked for you and your quickly rising career in boxing brotha you make us proud! :facepunch:

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Congrats on your victory my man. Wishing more along your way.

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Hey brother did ya see what @Iron_Junkie_Labs posted?


Yeah buddy!!

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Hell yeah brotha this is what made me happy today!!! Congrats on being undefeated and on your decisive win! Very proud of you big dog :raised_hands:t2::clap:t2:

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@Pastor thank you brother. Again I appreciate your prayers and support. God bless you as well my friend

@Bigmurph I’m glad I was able to put a little joy in your day brother. You’re right a W is a W regardless of how I got it. A little part of me would have liked to have gone the distance with him just to be able to put it on him for a few more rounds after all the talking he and his team was doing leading up to the fight. The way they were talking this guy was supposed to walk right through me. And just by looking at the two of us side by side most ppl would have thought the same. But once it was just him and I in that ring all that talk turned to me chasing him for 3 rounds. Then came the 4th and I thought he might finally be ready to fight now because he finally started coming to me. I personally believe he thought he was going to walk me down… he realized pretty quick that wasn’t gonna happen. We had a good exchange early on in the round and I remember thinking to myself damn this son of bitch does have a good chin…then about 30-45 seconds later is when I caught him with that body shot and a quick combo later and he was outta there. Technically I knocked him out with the overhand right to his ear but personally I would have loved to have knocked him out with the right hook to the body bc I kno that’s what hurt him the most. Those last blows to the head were just finishers.

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@Iron_Junkie_Labs you know how I feel about you and IJL’s support of me and I’m extremely grateful for every bit of it. I’m just as proud if not prouder to be represented by the best source in the business! :muscle::100:.

My time and rise in boxing hasn’t always been exactly meteoric. Ive been in the fight game for over 20 years but one thing is for certain once I decided to start running @Iron_Junkie_Labs products and move up through these weight classes I have not just beat everyone they have put in front of me, I have dominated them and made it look easy. I could not be prouder to be The IRON JUNKIE LABS ATHLETE!:boxing_glove::100::muscle:


Sorry for all the late replies fellas as I’ve been with family and friends today celebrating last night’s victory. Thanks again UGM FAMILY and everyone’s support and encouragement!

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