Iron Junkie Labs

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Hi everyone just wanted to take a minute to introduce our verified source “Iron Junkie Labs”
We are a newer ugl and want to earn your business so please visit our source page on UGmuscle for ordering info and pricelist, we strive to provide the best quality and customer service. You will be happy with you order guranteed! Just try us out! hope to hear from you all soon =)

Do you have a website? Product and price list? Take Bitcoin?

no offense bro, but that’s steep for ugl.

You get what you pay for bro guranteed. And ofcourse there is always bulk discounts :+1:
Also enjoy super fast delivery, and multiple payment options for your convenience.

Have you had mass spec testing done on raws or anything to back up the high price . for domestic ugl your prices are high I agree with burr . Need to be able to back it up and temp test aren’t a good way .

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My bad prices have changed here is the new list… and also i can get you the mass spec data from my raws contact no problem…

In case you all were wondering we are new and have high standards when it comes to quality and customer service also we never hold onto your information provided for your and our safety so even though i may know you, you will still have to provide me with mailing info on every order. All our raws are tested for purity using melting point tests. Iron Junkie Labs is your go to place for quality gear at your doorstep discreetly in just a couple of days (2-5) days is our ETA from day you place order to your door. Try us out and i assure you, you wont regret it! $10 shipping for orders under $100 free shipping on orders $100+. For any orders you will email the order to [email protected] . Types of payment we accept is Bitcoin, western union, moneygram, or walmart2walmart

We also encourage you to take blood test when on our gear long enough, and if you post results we will give a special discount for you next order. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask. All communications will be done through this email [email protected]

example order:
1x test E 300
1x d-bol 25mg
1x cialis 50mg

(then you would put your shipping info right here)

IJL oils pricelist (10ml/vial)

Test prop 150 - $35
Test E 300 - $40
Test C 300 -$40
Sust 250 - $45
Deca Durabolin 250 - $45
NPP 200 (fast deca) - $45
EQ Cypionate 200 - $45
Primobolan 100 - $80
Masteron P 100 - $50 (coming soon)
Masteron E 200 - $65 (coming soon)
Tren E 200 - $65
Tren A 100 - $55

IJL orals & ancillaries pricelist (30 CAPS BER BAG)

D-bol 25mg/cap - $25
Superdrol 10mg/cap - $25
Anadrol 50mg/cap - $30
Winstrol 50mg/cap - $30
Exemestane 12.5mg/cap - $25
Anavar 50mg/cap - $55
Arimidex 1mg/cap - $20
Nolvadex 20mg/cap - $25
Nolvadex 10mg/cap - $15
Clomid 50mg/cap - $30
Clomid 25mg/cap - $20
Cialis 25mg/cap - $30
Viagra 100mg/cap - $30
Pharma Grade HCG 5000iu vial (unconstituted and comes with BAC water) - $60

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Also check out my source page and people will be posting there results with my gear… you wont be dissapointed bro

ive seen successful sources witb similar prices, but those have been around for a while.
as a new source you may find that you need to drop the prices to get guys to try you out.

but its your business, i wish you luck

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You could always run a promo to let the guys and gals taste the water at a discounted price :slight_smile:


On my source page i just posted a promo today to get people to try our gear, its %20 off any limit and i will even throw im an extra vial of test your choice on orders over $100

welcome ,
a pleasure to have you. but i must agree with burr ,a.lttle.pricy do you ressll???

but bigmurph has a great idea (agion my man always on top :)) a nice promo to let the auality be seen. , id like to see you get this moving.

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