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This review is for Iron Junkies Labs (IJL) . I know that they have since been suspended but I wanted to get a review out there regarding my experience with them. First and foremost, BigMurph and SemperFi provided their assistance and I am grateful for it. I have used IJL for going on a year now and this review is in regards to the lastest Test E that I ordered from them. After the very first injection I developed a golf ball sized lump in my left glute. I monitored it closely and noticed that although the lump was quite large, it was not hot, red, or painful. It was sore but not overly painful. I then waited another four days and injected in my right glute which also developed a Lump. I made a post regarding the issue and was told that it is not normal at all and that I needed to contact the source. I then contacted IJL through email and told him exactly what was going on.

In the mean time, I had multiple other members on this board contact me through private message and stated that they had the same issue. Lumps with Test E.

IJL contacted my very quickly and advised that he believed that the batch of Test E I had received had to much solvent which caused the lump. He stated that he would send me a new order asap. I asked him to change the product to test C just because I didn’t want to get the same bad batch as before. He quickly sent me the Test C free of charge. I have been on the Test C for approximately 2 weeks. I’m not sure if its from the previous Test E or from the new Test C but I have just recently began getting the usual sides such as gyno and water retention.

At this point, I’m really not sure what was wrong. Given the fact that other members also had the same issue leads me to believe that it wasn’t an issue with how my body reacted, but rather a bad batch. IJL offered to have another batch brewed with Grape Seed Oil rather than the MIG oil and see if my body reacted to it but no further communication was received. I believe that was due to him being suspended.

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The particular product is for IJL Test E that I had ran for one month before deciding to stop.

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The ordering process was very simple. I used email to place an order, he then sent a total and a bitcoin wallet. After payment was received, he sent the product immediately

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The package took 3 days which was great. packaging was good, bubble wrapped.

Items ordered
4 Vial of Test E 10 ml

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The product caused a golf ball sized lump in both my left and right glute.

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I believe that IJL was good to deal with and he tried to make things right. I don’t think that he intentionally put out a product knowing that it was bunk or would cause health issues. In the end, business is business and that’s what the review process is for. I’m grateful to Ugmuscle for offering this forum and it enforcement of quality from its sources. I know it took a long time for me to write this review but I honestly wanted to give them a chance to make it right. IJL did send the Test C and it seems to be effective.

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  • Communication - 9
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  • Order processing - 9
  • Delivery - 9
  • Shipping packaging - 9
  • Product packaging - 9
  • Product effectiveness - 1

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No. Unfortunately if a product causes any issues regarding health, I can’t recommend it to anyone. Good business practices but bad products equals a bad source in my opinion.

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Very nice…I like this format! Amazing good job

Good honest review man. Sucks that happened to you!

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