Is this 3iu of hgh or am I massively overdosing? Please help

title says it all…

Is this 3iu or 30iu?

I really hope its 3iu as I’ve pinned it the past 2 days…

First time using gh and just want to be sure, any inpit greatly appreciated!! Cheers


3iu brotha


If you put 1ml of bac water In a 10iu vial it’s 3iu.


yeah the ratios 1ml water per vial of gh, with ten vials per pack. It won’t let me upload a photo of the pack and vials for some reason but it says its 3.3mg/1ml… is this the correct dose? Sorry im just new to the whole iu thing!

Cheers for replys guys appreciated

All the GH vials I seen are 10 iu. Doesn’t matter how much bac water you put in the vial it stays ten IU no matter. Like @BigSwole69 said if you put in 1 ml of water then 3 iu would be 30 on the syringe. The syringe holds 100 total mg which is your 1 ml of water. So say for example you put in 2 ml of water then your 3 iu dose would double on the syringe to 60 but it would still only be 3 iu. Am I confusing you more Hahahaha. Or does that clarify it.

Did you buy 100 iu of GH. Separated into 10 vials?

Don’t shake that vial and let the water in slowly or you will destabilize the GH and it becomes worthless. Handle it like nitro glycerin.

Depends on the dosage per vial my man…Most are 10 but some generics range from 10-20+

Most HgH comes 10ius per vial. You add one ml BAC water =100iu on a Slin pin. 30iu on the insulin pin equals 3iu of HGH in the solution. Make sense?

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Just to clarify, if you add 2 mls of BAC water for some reason, you would need 60ius on a Slin pin to equal 3ius. It does matter on how much you add on the opposite side. If you add .5 ml it would be 15iu to equal 3 iu… hopefully I didn’t fuck this up too much. :joy:


Ya that’s right. I don’t think they are called iu s on th slin I think they are mgs. I’ll have to check when I get home. But yes you are correct

Depends on the company. EXCEL SLINS are listed in ius. (What I use) Mine go to 100ius which is equal to 1 ml. The picture here in this thread is listed in mls. So .3 ml would be 30iu on international unit measurement.


Ok. I didn’t know they came both ways.

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You should probably have been sure of what it was PRIOR to the first two days of pinning it buddy

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Ha ha

Pin first ask questions later. Just used slin needle for first time to do mtren I’m pretty sure I put htbe right amount in to my shoulder


Hahaha. I like that way of thinking. It’s easier to ask forgiveness the to ask permission. Hahahaha

FLASHTROPIN has 10 vials with 14ius in each if it’s the 140iu kit. But if he has the 100iu kit then he did everything correct.

Then if he puts 1 ml water in he would need to be on the 21 line to get 3 ius if it’s 14 iu per vial.

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If he adds 1ml to a 14iu vial then every 10 units is 1.4ius. He only need to go a little past the second line/the 2, in order to get 3ius HGH.


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