IslandSwole Contest gains and goals 2017

IslandSwole Contest gains and goals 2017

I managed to take some really crappy pics for now, just wanted to make sure I meet the deadline. I’ll have my wife take some new ones tonight. Anyway here it goes.
Goals- Rebuild muscle mass lost during my year out of the gym and recomp body composition.
Been back in the gym 3 weeks now, running @Omni test p and tren a bit hat 100mg eod along with @Iron_Junkie_Labs var at 75mgs a day, only 2 weeks into cycle. I’m also looking to add some Adrol into the mix within a few days. 280C1D1D-B9A1-4900-BF18-2D978D67AF82|375x500

The full body image is more so what I’d like to rebuild to.


@Bigmurph I’ll fix up this post some later, just wanted to get it posted before I head into work. Thanks!

Im happy to see you got involved looking forward to seeing you grow brother

Where’s that back? Haha

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Haha my wife will take it along with better pics later tonight! This was just a quick last minute submission :joy:

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Won’t be doing much of a log since I have a new born and pretty much my only free time is while I’m working out but I’ll try to do to quick daily updates from now on.

About 3 weeks into @Omni tren a @100 msg eod and test prop @100mgs eod, as well as @Iron_Junkie_Labs var at 75mgs a day
So far no tren sweats or insomnia that I usually have by now but my strength is definitely increasing. Muscle hardness and fullness is definitely present. Increased libido and I literally want to fuck something every second of the day. May switch to pinning daily at 100mgs, but I’ll give it another week and see how I feel.

Muscles feeling extremely full today, pumps were insane and I’m still a horny bastard. Excited for the next few weeks to come.
Hit shoulders tonight,

Started with delt work-front raises, lateral etc
Seated dB shoulder press 4 sets 15,12, 10, 8
Standing over head press 5 sets at 8-12 reps
Seated Arnold press 3 sets of 8
Side lateral raises 5 sets varying reps
Upright rows 3 sets of 12
Rear delt work
Ended with pull ups

I don’t do much trap work since my traps have always been pretty big.
Stay tuned.

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Yesterday was back day, pumps were insane.

Definitely starting to feel the effects of the Tren in the gym, sweating like a motherfucker now. Feeling much more confident in the gym. So far I’m enjoying this cycle but more than anything I’m enjoying being back in the gym. Muscle memory is one hell of a thing, prior to taking a year off I was a pretty big dude for about 5 years and it’s insane seeing how quickly everything fills back in.

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Get some brother keep killing it in the gym sounds like you are loving the tren now I’m glad to hear that its started to shine

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Thanks bro, looking forward to seeing your transformation

I’m going to get my pics up I’m just worried though because I want to be able to run my Primo cycle with HGH and I’m not going to be able to start it possibly at the earliest January at the latest March so you really want to see a lot of progress for me in the next couple months do to work kicking my ass

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Feeling kinda fatigued today so I’m having some black coffee before my workout (I never drink coffee :mask:)

Looking forward to heading to the gym, definitely the highlight of my day.
Pinned early this morning before work and I was in a rush so I managed to pin a vein and instantly I knew I did… that sensation of tren going into the bloodstream haha… sickening tren cough, instantly tasted it, and felt it in my head. Immediately after I pinned test prop and it was smooth sailing. Shoutout to @Omni for having some of the smoothest oils I’ve ever pinned!

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Officially out of var, gonna stay off any orals for about 3 weeks then I’ll add some adrol. Overall I am pleased with the @Iron_Junkie_Labs Var and will definitely be adding to future cutting cycles.

Now to the good stuff, @Omni Test Prop and Tren A. At first I was a bit worried since it took me a bit longer to feel the effects of the Test. Now both compounds are hitting me like a brick and I am loving it, oils are smooth and clean. Strength rapidly rising and oddly enough I am blowing up without actually gaining any weight. Looking forward to trying more of your oils!

I would recommend both of these sources to anyone!

Today is leg day and I’m pumped, just pinned quads.


Strength rapidly rising, felt a bit unmotivated last night but ended up hitting a new bench pr 455x2. It’s amazing what you could do once you stop “I can’t”. Woke up feeling pumped today, loving being able to be in the gym again. It’s definitely been a big part of my life for a while and having to take that year off was definitely one of the toughest moments in my life. Depression hit me like a brick, had no motivation to do anything, confidence slowly dwindled away, and overall was just a shit time. People always asked me why I spend so much time at the gym and honestly, it’s my therapy in every sense. Don’t take it for granted fellas, this could be your last workout. Stay blessed UGM Fam.

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Fuck that’s a shit ton of weight. Nice work man.

Thanks man, I’ve always been able to push weight even as a 145lber in wrestling lol. Going pass 405 was definitely the toughest thing for me though. If I ever hit 500lbs, I’ll be satisfied.

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Woke up covered in sweat last night, the tren sweats are definitely here… I’m thinking it has to do with me pretty much upping my test doses by twice what it was. I find that my body responds to certain compounds much better with high test as opposed to low test. No temper issues, no bad acne, no weird dreams. Just smooth sailing! I’ll do a few picture updates in another week or so. Stay blessed UGM

So far so good! This cycle is merely a body recomp/rebuild phase and I have to say, I am very pleased. Considering adding another compound to it but I am unclear as what direction to go in. Currently up about 8lbs since the start of the cycle but oddly enough visually people are thinking I’m up 20 lbs. Since the var left my system, I have to say I don’t feel any different as to when I was taking the Var. Well besides no longer having back pumps and somehow I’m much drier now :man_shrugging:t5:. @rnmuscle @PHD @TrenGod Any suggestions on what to add to cycle? Suggestions so far have been mast prop, winny, dhb, or adrol

Looking good bro. Id stay away from the adrol and add in mast. Or if anything up your Tren to 150 or 200 eod.

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Masteron would be good if you upped your test. Winstrol inject and proviron would be nice too.

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