Its almost vaccine time....who will get it?

As for me and my house, not happening!

How about you?


Never!!! That shit is more prone to hurt you then help you. All the stuff that helps you like gear is illegal. Lol

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Never get the flu shot won’t get the covid shot.


Unless one of our sponsors is going to make it then I’m going to pass.


Fuck yes brother!!!

Those cocksuckers can shove their vaccine up their ass :wink: Watch they’ll try to pass some law that your employer will have to require it otherwise you cant work.

I’ll tell them I added it to weekly shot regime so I’m ok

Not I said the duck

Lol thats loyalty there

Not this guy, ima stick to my test and mast it’s been working out pretty good I haven’t got the rona yet.

This guy will absolutely NOT be getting the vaccine if it’s government mandated, I don’t trust the government…, nor will I get a vaccine that comes from Vladimir Putin’s Russia, if that happens well all he singing the State Anthem of the Soviet Union and calling each other comrade and eating borscht, not this guy! However, I will be getting vaccinated on MY OWN accord, my youngest daughter is immune compromised, and I do not want to bring this shit home to her, she’s been living in a bubble (not literally like bubble boy you fuckers) this whole time, and she shouldn’t have to do that, she’s 13, she should get to live her life

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Not my household

I get the flu shot. I’m getting older so anything to keep the flu less sever or avoided I do. I had the Rona. It wasn’t horrible. Just lost my taste for a month or so for citrus items. I will get the shot. It’s actually 2 shots btw. My line of work I am sure that it will be mandated. Not a big deal. If I’m dead from it it will be more likely reported as a one off. :joy:

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Not in my household I’m out trying to catch it so we have immunities to it!! I think we have already had to be honest have been exposed so many times at this point I’m convinced the entire country has already had it at some point… I think we were all exposed to it long ago last year.


Well said

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Well May not have a reason to get it anyways. Have yo get tested for the rona.

Fuck and you vaccinate my ass grow a third eye and become sterile and the putting a chip in you to find your guns but praise cthulhu Biden will save us all and it will be free and we don’t have to work any more just wear a mask and stay at home in your house and the govt will take care of everything

Im alright being vaccinated for China virus or Corona.
I was actually thinking about joining the trials for the vaccine.
I don’t have an issue if we can go back to normal meaning exactly the way it was before the virus.
No more lock downs but I can promise that around January 28th will all be locked down again maybe not that exact day but this guy is definitely planning on enforcing a lock down.

Just gimme the vaccine and then leave me alone im done with any politics for 4yrs.


Yup socialism to communism

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Locked down again, negative over. Didn’t listen or do it the first time, fuck my Governor sayin thanksgiving gatherings no more then 10 per a house, and he hopes neighbors will call cops to report large gatherings, let me find out one of my neighbors calls on me, they better send more then one cop

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