Its Crunch Time....Your Predictions!

Who will when the election?

Will the Democrats take control of the senate?

Will there be major riots across the country?

Let me know your predictions!!!


Its going to be crazy for awhile either way I believe I also think that Republicans will control the senate

Definitely riots not me either way but these fucking idiots are going to hit the street hard and it could honestly get out of control. Another Portland and Chicago just taking advantage also everywhere else they allow it to happen it will I can’t even blame the cops anymore they’ve been getting there ass kicked for awhile now


I think trump will win. Biden is having trouble filling up high school gymnasiums with people…
& my most hopeful prediction, shortly after WWIII will commence :raised_hands:t2:


Trump. Polls have it wrong. I think it was like 65% of people do not tell anyone (polls) they are voting for trump. Its going to be a landslide. (I hope) I mean who wants to vote for a documented racist And a crook that is the Democratic Party nominee? Hell, Kamala Harris called him a racist. :joy:


Riots will be delt with. Trump will have the feds deputize county and local law enforcement. That way they will be prosecuted under federal law. :wink:



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Have to agree here he’s savage af and old school :moneybag:

My prediction…PAIN


Oh I know trump will, he won’t play that shit.

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Trump. The polls showed Hilary winning and we know how that turned out


I believe Trump has the most enthusiasm and support. Even the campaigning that Obama is doing doesn’t draw anywhere near the support that Trump does.

The dems are also guilty of everything they accuse the Republicans of. They don’t give a shit to lie and ruin the lives of anyone they view as in their way.

With most things, it is usually the very small minority that scream the loudest. I believe that is true here as well. The dems have the media and Hollywood screaming for them, but the majority of America is silently supporting Trump and they see through the bullshit from the left.

Silent majority will rule, and Trump will win a 2nd term. I hope and pray that the Republicans keep the Senate as well, and would be great to win the house.

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I think Trump will too. Not even Obama has faith in him which is why it took him so long to endorse him, he knows he is incompetent. I can’t believe democrats actually voted Biden, makes it an easier win for Trump. The dude is a pathological liar who keeps flip flopping on issues. People who are not welfare recipients do not want the government stealing more money from their families through Biden’s increased taxes.

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I hope trump will. Biden/Harris would be a nightmare!

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Trump will then all hell will break loose then they will swear it’s a cheat then more hell will break loose then they will crawl in a hole and try to stifle everything to help people while he is president blame everything on him while Congress stalls out unless republicans win it back if that happens Democratic Party will implode and some more hell will break loose


I went to a trump rally recently and there was 20,000 people in. And another 25k outside trying to get in. But we have to have enough votes to compensate for the cheating. So everyone get out and vote. Even the Mexicans are going trump even though they hate him they are afraid of loosing their jobs.


Who will when the election? unfortunately Biden

Will the Democrats take control of the senate? No but the republican will lose a few seats.

Will there be major riots across the country? If Trump wins yes. If Biden wins no.

I am a fiscally conservative business owner so I am pulling for Trump.


What makes you think Biden will win

National polls, Biden is up by wide margins in swing states. Biden has better poling data than Killary Clinton. I hope I am wrong and Trump was down in 2016 so time will tell.

Biden is not able to fill up high school gymnasiums with people, trump has 20k+ coming out to see him.

Dang, I think I already said that :joy:…It’s gonna be a laannnnnslidee

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