It's DDoS attack season, guys

Sunnier days, more hope, more vitamin D, flowers… Everyone loves Spring time in the northern hemisphere.

It also brings a few things that we don’t love, like bugs, pollen, allergies and…

DDoS attacks…

This is the season, folks…

We’re seeing some major attacks these past few days, so if you notice that our site is not as stable as it normally is, please accept our apologies. We have tons of protection and some of the best techies for this task, but sometimes the attacks can overwhelm the system.

Good thing is that it usually only lasts a few minutes or if it’s a really huge one, a few hours, so you can check it back later and it will probably be fine.

We go thru this every year so it’s no big deal. Just wanted to let everyone know that it’s just routine and we’re not going anywhere.

As always, we appreciate your trust, your business and your friendship throughout the years.

From the Steroidify team.
(Since 2008)


Ugmuscle and its members completely understands this we have been attacked so many times its ridiculous.
Never let these terrorists win. If they are using ddos to attack you that’s all they are is terrorists.
No negotiations with terrorists ugmuscle supports Steroidify through this time.


Yeah, you know how competition is sometimes, they are starting to spread rumors on other boards that we are gone and that we rob people and BS like that.

It’s just routine really. Not our first rodeo and definitely not our last.

The attacks have been humongous though. Someone is spending a good chunk of money trying to hurt our business… Well, it works for a little while and then we’re back at it full throttle.

Not to brag, but we have some of the best techies in this business.


Ugmuscle can relate I personally was just called a cry baby dictator lol so yeah spreading lies and smear campaigns have become popular. I believe that it looks really bad for those making false claims.
The truth is you haven’t made it until you have gained haters lol

I argue that ugmuscle has the best tech team lol :laughing: :joy: :rofl: they really are good though

I wish you guys the best during these times.

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