Its time once again to kill dinner

Huntin with bow opens up today for me boys and girls, I’m about to go take my scent free shower then climb up my tree, it’s warm about 70, with a SE wind about 6 mph which is in my favor cause most of the deer are comin from that direction also, will post a up in the tree bow pic in a bit, and hopefully a kill pic later.


Good luck. Hope you get a trophy buck!



Get those Back Strips


Nice mine opens September 25

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I haven’t seen any bucks worth shootin in my cam and I have to shoot a doe first in my zone

You’re lucky! I’m waiting for shotgun season here, going to go over to where my dad lives and sit on the edge of his fields with my black powder rifle. Won’t shoot a doe until the second weekend, hopefully it’s a good hunt for my first one since 2016.

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Well jus chased a bear off, still early enough for deer to come though

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Get em

Personally, I shot only does. I like the taste of the meat better. And just a lot more tender in my opinion.


Does are better eating anyways. I’ll take a doe anyday.

I shoot whatever typically comes by me first, so yes a lot of does

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Any luck bro?

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Negative @Islandswole, seen a bear, fox and the other normal creatures, for early September weather was great,70 all day it was 60 by the time I got down at dark, didn’t see any deer, but it was decompression time for me,I truely enjoy my time alone in the woods,hunting or fishing.

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As long as you enjoyed your time bro

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I appreciate you asking,I did, then my dad, my wife n I had a few beers and a fire on the back deck.


Sounds like a good time

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That’s living there brotha

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Yeah it is, I love the fall and winter

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