Janoshik Analytical Scam.

So heres the deal. Apparently another board uses a “sponsor” Janoshik that all they do is test anabolics and compounds. They try to push themselves as a legal research company out of Slovakia. Now for those that dont know, testing eqiupment is extremely expensive. Its not something the average people could afford. Much less someone claiming to test raws for 60 euros a test.

Eastern europe is a very poor area. Often using outdated information. But home to many scammers. Now Janoshik claims to be legit.

So before we look at the company website, lets look at the history of the site and what they claim.


Now thankfully someone last year saved the about information. Because it contains some important information about this scam and the legitimacy of the “sponsor”. Now I took a screen of the important info to look at from that page.

So first off the site footer showed a copyright date of 2013 before the site existed. It didnt come into existence until 2016. But more important is the contact us information. First they list themselves as and s.r.o. which is a form of a corporation for those that dont know. Much like an LLC.

Lets look at that first for Slovakia. You can follow along here. Business Register of the Slovak Republic on Internet - searching by business name

Now I searched for both the name as it appeared there, and looking for any business named Janoshik registered in Slovakia. Results: 0



Hmm so its not registered as they claimed back in 2017 on their site, now lets google earth that address listed.

Well it is a facility… a official facility.

No back to the site. the updated site they removed the footer and all the info on the bottom.

Its saved here for reference to the changes:

But if a “company” can afford all this expensive testing equipment they claim to have, surely they had their website done from scratch like most research firms. Wait. No… free website template from here:

You can view this in the source code of the site.

At least they must have put their business when registering the domain…

Nope. Thats fake too, they didnt even bother to pay $4 extra for the whois privacy on the domain.

So what we have here is someone that claims to have all this expensive equipment. No proof of owning anything. Lists fake information and addresses all over the site. Goes in fact to list a fake company on their site and remove it later.

So for now Im calling it out as a scam with all the dishonesty and false info they themselves listed. Obviously they couldnt even tell the truth on other things what makes anyone believe they can tell the truth about steroid analysis?

As someone extremely familiar with Eastern Europe, no legit company will test raws for 60 euros…and give the kind of the breakdown they claim. I have also reached out to the companies they say supplied them their equipment since they linked their websites on their own. Will update if either company responds with any knowledge of a legit business.

As with everything, be careful what and who you “trust” online as there are alot of people that would scam others in this industry. Tests can faked. Reports faked. There are some legit people out there, but not always.

Edit: Just saw an actual “report” from them and thats fake as fuck free template shit…

Edit 2: Ok so this is a little longer. I found him on reddit and hes some 4chan kid that is most likely college age as he claims to be a web developer (well his site is shit as we know lol) claims to be a bad developer tho. Also claims to be self taught doing analysis for 6 years but studying medicine and bought his machine in his teens. Some other interesting things about him and his post history. Again archived as they can be deleted later and I feel its important to understand who and what kind of this person is.

He also tried to start his own reddit community for steroid reviews and sources. never got more then 8 subscribers.

Edit 3. Janoshik after notification of this thread has started to delete all his reddit history and statements.


Ad I brought this up bro. I know on another forum I’m on, here was a dude who had called Jano out on Meso for being a total scam as well. ProM still uses them and so does anasci and sf.


I think people just want to believe that someone can do testing cheap. Years ago on anasci they used to collect thousands in donations to get a couple samples tested. It was part of their newsletter. They used to even look for college kids with access to labs and such. Now common sense is that a company cant stay in business working for that cheap. And a legit company would be making way more they wouldnt risk doing these things for whats pennies in their books.

Given everything used is cheap and free stuff, it most likely just goes to some kid that types shit back up on computer and uses or throws away whats received.

A few bucks is a lot of money in Slovakia. Its an extremely poor country. So they are just paying someones bills who found a niche he can make decent money in his location on.


If anyone is wondering. This is the thread @Fitraver is talking about. Where a well respected member sent him a package. He claimed to have a problem with customs but received it and tested it and reported back on it. Then the member later got the package back in the mail that it was never delivered. Basically hes nothing but a scammer.


Yep that’s the one.

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WTF that guy is posting some bad results and really doing damage to some ugl and the test lab is a fake I swear sometimes I wonder is there no en to greed what happened to our community we have let trolls move next door settle in and take our hard earned money and trust ,thanks for exposing this web site bro much respect


so… how does he tell what compounds are sent to him when guys over at anasci send him samples without him knowing what is in? @TG

Dude is a total piece of shit! Id love to be locked in a room with him and show him what i think of his fkn scams. Id walk out he wouldnt.

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Most the people know whats being sent and what isnt. I was very active on Anasci years ago when this testing first started in the VIP section. Also its assumed he worked with Analyzer prior to his recent bust and that kid was more honest about his education and how he was testing. The Analyzer news reports even stated he was working with someone in Bratislava.

The fact remains he was dishonest and has lied about his business, equipment, training etc. He stated he was self trained and promotes himself as a Chemical Analyst. Which usually is a title reserved for those with a chemistry degree and positions of employment. Not a “self-taught” position.

How did he know to give a fake gh report on a package he never received? Simple the guy told him what it was.

Is it possible he does have an old machine? Yeah it is. He could have maybe bought a used one around there. Is he running a full lab as he claims and equipment he claims? Fuck no. This kid doesn’t have the money to purchase the machines he claimed and setup. Could he have access to a university sometimes as Analyzer did? Its possible. But if that was the case hes still being dishonest.

He’s lied in the past about orders, he lies about his business. Give me one reason why someone who has been caught lying multiple times be trusted to give an honest report?

Also corruption and buyoffs for people in his country is huge. I’m not that far and have been to bratislava many times.

Nothing in my mind would lead me to believe that he wouldn’t take a kickback to give a positive report from a source or give false negative reports so that he could get more money from people. The guy just cant be trusted.


Wow. do all the moderators over here present themselves as you do?

this might not be a forum for me then. typical internet tough guy shit

Im not a moderator and the majority of members here love me so who exactly are you?

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He was given the rights to help flag spam posts for a week when another admin was on vacation.

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i have been on sst for years, where janoshik started. never used him, but i watched

he posted timestamped pictures of his equipment literally daily

sure, i doubt he’s legit, and hes full of shit in that… it’s probably just shit to cover his ass. it’s like asking and ugl to show you his lab and address…

but you translated the article wrong… the analyzer says he was sending the samples to somebody to slovakia saying he tested only 20 samples himself… everybody from sst know that analyzer was janoshiks employee…

so you figure

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who am i? i am not an internet tough guy. simple

thank you for explanation, the icon next to his name confused me


Now @Kuakk you came in here to just defend this topic on this particular person? Curious as you joined you only read one topic and that was this one.

Now SST was run by polar who knew there was alot of corruption within the mods there. Thats coming from the headmod himself.

i am looking for option to test some of my hairloss stuff, so i googled if hes still in business and what the reviews are and this popped up

i am not defending him, just saying where you are wrong. either he literally has a daily access to the equip he said he has and you are wrong or he photoshopped hundreds of images perfectly without anybody ever noticing anything…

also you talk as if analyzer and janoshik were two different entities … is it not interesting that the second jano stopped selling his services on meso a guy from the same fucking country appeared and started offering his business on meso? and the second the guy stops taking in new biz, long before he gets busted, jano starts offering his shit there again?

i agree with you hes full of shit on being legit but i can understand that. the situation on meso… who the hell takes anything on meso seriously

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Damn its coming up on google that fast? lol. Thats interesting to know… I mean its your choice if you believe him and trust him. But from everything I gather from what hes stated online and his own site, and I know all about SST -polarwolf and Anasci VIP testing that started this all way back. I dont trust the guy for shit and dont trust his reports for shit.

Id rather see someone of better character come forward but thats hard to find. You know back in the old Anasci VIP tests when it started it was in high hundreds to get a legit report if the product contained X drug. It was in the thousands to get a breakdown. I was around during that and the conversations in VIP section.

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when you google “janoshik analytical” it’s in top 5

but yeah, so we though on sst… the guy was vetted for years, he had been around since sst inception

i know jack shit about all that, but there are other guys who know their chemistry and many many many people who sent him mislabeled shit which he got right

if i trusted him 100% i wouldn’t google reviews, lol

but it seems he is the best value around


literally only customer issue with him I found was that one on meso

if the only issue over like 5 year with him is from a guy who runs a gh testing business himself it smells fishy to me

Top 5… thats good to know. Sorry Im in process of revamping our SEO so feedback like that is interesting and letting me know its working.

Value is subjective tho. If you get a good test then its great. If he lies, then not so great. No way to tell 100% or not.

Hes a sponsor on some boards and often if they are paying money for the board or too mods they will remove it. Thats a common practice on most boards. We have a strict policy on it stays and some sources have left us because we let negative reviews stay up. End of the day its a business decision and running a board is a business to many. Its how they want to keep paying sources around.

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