Jayrackets program log. feedback ideas?

Jayrackets program log. feedback ideas?

ok so. I’m getting ready to start my program/ diet/ cycle/ quit smoking all @ once!!! lets turn this shit up! I’m gonna start this week as soon as final preperations is made.
age 37 weight 198 hight 6’1" cycle test e 300 wk 1-4 (150 mon/thurs) dbol 25 week 1-4 (daily) test 400 week 5-8 test 500 week 9-12 ( and I know prob some concernes on this but slin- 4iu pwo only I have someone to keep a eye on me too jic) I’m going to TRY to pre plan my meals shooting for 3500 cal. 250g protein.

my program (as of now) full body x3 week day 1 heavy. day 2 tut. day three reps. (recent switch from mon chest, tue back, wed legs, thurs shoulders, fri arms, weekend off)
what u guys think of this program while on cycle? please hit me back with ideas for ajustments thanks guys.

will update when I start. and before and after pics (if I can figure it out)

Why are you running your test so low and have you done skin before?

500 always been good for me before (1st cycle in bout 10 yrs) now I think I may have a enlarged prostate going to have it checked when I get blood work. I’m starting low cause I’m concerned of the effect its gonna have with that. and no first time with the slin and I’m tring to do it safe 10 iu was the recommendation imma start with 4 pwo only. read up on it. have someone who knows what I’m gonna be doing that lives with me can help keep a eye on me. however I don’t forsee any problems at that dose as long as I’m eating correctly and wake for 4 hours afterward.
I figure 1st cycle in 10 yrs good for test w/ dbol kicker.
@Fitraver what do you think bout test effect on enlarging the prostate? think its better to go higher?

Hello, if I may ask what is your fitness goals, by the gear you are using I assume you want some size? Then why full body work out days?. Me , am always concerned about size so I do 1 maybe 2 body parts I day. I keep my diet clean to stay lean and cardio periodically

I recently got out of prison everyone in the joint uses splits for the most part mine was - mon chest tue back wed legs thurs shoulders fri arms weekend off. I swiched to full body after I got out after waching some u tube vids on it and found it worked well for me. I take a day of rest between each. sometimes if I don’t have a lot of time I will do half like chest back/ next day legs sholders/ then day off… yes size and strength are my goals. I haven’t nailed down what my rotune is gonna be the fb is what I’m doing now. I willing to take suggestions @Pastor

I personally think 500mgs is the perfect dose for anyone especially since it’s your first cycle in 10 years. 500mgs of test + dbol should make amazing gains, as long as your diet is up to par. I’ve never done slin and I don’t have much info on it so I won’t comment on that. For size, I find it better to do splits but hey if you’re making good gains doing full body then that’s fine too.

I agree with @Islandswole I a sense that 500 is okay but you aren’t even getting to that til the very end and test takes 2 weeks to build up and usually 4 til you start to feel anything. Just start 500 from the very first pin. No need to keep ramping up.

As far as the prostate I haven’t heard much about test affecting that. I know mast does I thought. Did you ever run that? Def a good idea to get it checked out before.

As far as the slin, I know @Bigmurph and I feel very strongly on this one. Unless you’re planning to be a pro or make a career off this or have cycled and are veteran for multiple years then it seems like an unnecessary step. But that’s totally up to you just PLEASE do your research on the stuff. It’s meant for people who really have done their due diligence and not just winging it.

About ten years ago i used to compete on nothing but 500 mg test /week and a little winstrol 10 weeks out of a show( start with 500) . Am a little guy am 5’4 so i was a light weght, 155 1/4 on the scale…i never won an overall but i always won my weight class. I did not have the financial resources to buy more gear, neither the necessary knowledge…but i wanted to compete so badly. Proper training and proper nutrition, that is the key in bodybuilding. Find the right way to work out; in my opinion Hypertrophy requires to train till muscle failure…reaching those levels of daily training will also require muscle isolation, and then the necessary rest to hit it that hard and harder again. Proper nutrition is all about personal experimentation. I do high days(400 grs carbs) moderate days ( 150 grs carbs), personally i dont use any condiments, i stay low Na; I wanna get as heavy as i can maintaining visible abs.
There is a PSA lab test ( $ 29) which (blood work) will tell your prostate condition. I just got one done.
Congratulations on getting out of prison, there is an amazing future for you right around the corner. God bless

ok so. started cycle today. finishing up week as far as the rotune goes gonna go back to split and use f/b if I get tied up @ work and cant really get to the gym to do what I want. decided aginst the slin for now. and I need to go food shopping but I’m doing the best with what I have for now.

todays w/o… deadlift x4 60 reps total
ez bar curl x5 100 reps total
tcep pulldown x8 100+ reps total
reverse curl x5 150 reps today was just hitting arieas I felt like I missed during the week.

Food shopping advice 2 staple products that are inexpensive eggs and rice. The eggs will help carry your protien and the rice will cover the carbs.
Then add on top of that pasta which is also a cheap carb and can be made in large batches. Then protien you should sub turkey for beef and find a bulk value on chicken breast or tenders. If you buy a whole turkey or chicken you get more meat for the money. I also suggest all sorts of beans this is another great choice for the cost.
When im strapped for cash and need to still eat heavy while bulking these are my goto’s.
Im not sure if you have a butcher shop or a food market in your area you can get great deals buying from them in bulk. The big chain markets like kroger walmart, publix,winn Dixie and safe way charge so much for protien. I was in a Publix and I don’t ever buy meat from them but was curious about the cost and they wanted almost 5$ a pound. Im still hurt by the cost of tuna fish. It was a huge part of my diet and now its ridiculous. They actually got caught price fixing tuna fish the big 3 bumble bee,starkiss,and chicken of the sea were actually fined millions of dollars not long ago for price fixing.
Stick with eggs,whole ham,whole Turkey whole chicken for protien and rice and pasta for carbs. You can get your daily goals and not go broke.

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ok so its been a few days. had to work extra hours two days cause ppl kept calling in sick witch threw off my schedule made it to the gym but not long enough to really get what I wanted done but got in there this morning and got it in!!! working on getting the diet in order went and spent like 40$ on food for the week brown rice chicken broccoli gonna go again when I get my check cashed thanks @Bigmurph. omg eating alone is expensive!!! today was back and bis.

Try putting away 5000+ cals a day. I was spending over 400 a month just in food. I’m sure @MBTJR1980 can tell you all the pains of eating Massive amounts of food while keeping it clean. Eating clean in itself isn’t cheap but that on a big hulk is ridiculous.

Keep killing it in the gym and try to coupon shop when you see 1.99lb chicken breast or buy one get one jump on that shit lol

Im not trying to brag because it sucked but my last bulk with the sust and decca I was spending 300 a wk at bjs wholesale. I was eating big though

Haha welcome to eating big my bro!! Im spending $200-$225 a week on groceries plus $450 a month on supplements not gear so it gets very expensive my man. 6000 cals a day im still hungry as fuck! Just look for sales at market and buy as much as you can afford to stock up. Theres no cheapbway out man unfortunately but itll be well worth the sacrifice when you have slabs of new lean muscle to show off :muscle:t2::+1:t2::smiling_imp:

Holy balls lol I could not afford that haha.

test only affects prostate when it converts to dehdrotest and using deca mast d/bol etc .i always run saw palmetto and had history of prosatitis,next time i will run proscar or is it fusarise summat like that anyway ,proviron i found helps me mid cycle plateux busting .my latest prostate levels come back at 3.9 and the norm in uk is 3.5 .but i told doc i wasnt to concerned because my test levels were still 4 time higher than norm 5 weeks after last enanthat jab

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